SatanGate -Don't Be Afraid America

…and now you know dept: Anthony Bourdain Helped Get Ronan Farrow’s Harvey Weinstein Exposé To The Public

Dark Web Most Sinister Finally Brought To Justice!

Richard Huckle Who Abused 200 Children Stabbed To Death In Prison

Latest Human Trafficking Report Is Out On 2018

They’re Everywhere Dept: : Air Force Colonel Pleads Guilty In Child Pornography Case

Yes Virginia Absolutely Nothing Is Sacred Dept: Nuns 'Sex Slaves' Scandal Fresh Blow Co Catholic Church


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PETITION: English & Chinese 职称:英语和中文

1. Clarify that the Chinese Communist regime is the hostile force of the United States.

2. Set up a reporting center, website, and allow people to report those people and issues that the CCP has penetrated or will penetrate the United States.

3. According to the Foreign Agents Act, the media purchased by the CCP is designated as a foreign agent.

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