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8/31/2019 Greetings. As I am updating the site I will release the new pieces parts and continue building on subject matter that requires updating due to new developments in said subject matter. One of the additions and consolidations is all of the INTEL concerning William Tompkins and his direct involvement in the development, design and construction of these massive fleets. I am also going to include references to the movie, StarGate, but also and mainly; the television show, StarGate SG1 that spawned from it. Your CosmicGuy is not bashful when he informs you that most of the really hardcore science fictions and even some horror that has manifested itself to us in books, movies and tv are based on the truth that is being withheld from us all. Since I am already on thin conspiracy theory ice with many of you concerning well, anything I offer on this web site; I proceed with confidence that as I make my case and line up the domino’s of truth, or as “The Ikeman” is fond of saying, ‘connecting the dots’; you will at least seriously consider all of this. Then, through your own due diligence and the independent external links I provide, perhaps you will come to the same conclusion as I and many others have. “We the People” of the world have financed with our blood sweat and fears a whole human breakaway civilization that enjoys a level of existence and comfort centuries beyond where you and I sit. They exist in a world of no disease, no hunger, no strife connected with the basic survival issues all of us surface dwellers are forcefully relegated to. Did I mention no disease?

What is science fiction to you, is science fact to the rest of the Universe.

What is science fiction to you, is science fact to the rest of the Universe.

Let’s begin with a Disclosure Music Video I made recently based on a song I composed called Full Disclosure / Love & Forgiveness

I wrote this song in the first year (2016) of my transformation from the fat, drunk and stupid Mr. Blanderson I used to be into your humble sometimes lovable CosmicGuy. It took until this summer (2019) to produce this video. The quick interesting back story is, in my frequent walks in the desert, I stumbled upon not one but two old broken boats….in the desert….-people will use any place for a trashcan- but it inspired me on a guttural personal level in that most of my life I have carried the concept of great illusion and deception; on practically every level of our existence only to be dismissed, laughed and or cursed at…usually dismissed as most conspiracy theory tinfoilers are. It was at the root of my alcohol abuse beyond any personal issues I carry, for some deep unknown reason this has become an extreme life encompassing passion for me for this cause of Full Disclosure Now; which has made me appear to be something I am not to some. I am no longer bothered about that for I have learned that it is none of my business what people think of me. I got babies to save. This satanic shit is real, and I have true empathy for those that used to be close to me and you and yours even though we don’t know one another- for when all of this does finally come to truth that ALL can no longer deny, it’s going to cause a pain you have never felt in your life. I can not sugar coat it. So perhaps enjoying your ticking moments of naivete’ is better served elsewhere, because if you are here you are gonna get both barrels. I got babies to save. and


We All Get To Long Live & Prosper ONLY IF WE DEFEAT EVIL TOGETHER.


Ok, in an effort as always, NOT to re-invent the disclosure wheel of evidence and testimony and all the countless hours so many others more deserving than I have put into this meticulous research, I am going to give you the short form with tons of links, I will always offer plenty of my own “take” based on what I present and you can rest assured I could care less if you believe or laugh. This will all still be here on that fateful day when everyone wakes up to a morning like no other they’ve ever experienced.

first the nazi’s used satanic tools to call up the lizards for help. the lizards said yes.


with all the cool shit the lizards gave the nazi’s the rest of the world’s armies had no chance. a deal was struck and to get things peaceful again, they lied to you about the winners and the losers. the winners took over the united states and the world. what god family country american patriots and the “we the peoples” of the world are facing now

is a direct result of this deception.

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got it? - Operation Paperclip (2-3)was a secret program of the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (JIOA) largely carried out by Special Agents of Army CIC, in which more than 1,600 German scientists, engineers, and technicians, such as Wernher von Braun and his V-2 rocket team, were taken from Germany to America for U.S. government employment, primarily between 1945 and 1959.

CAN YOU SAY INFILTRATION? President Eisenhower called them the military industrial complex. You know them as, “the deep state”, “the cabal”, “the Khazarian Mafia”.(2-3) You must now learn the truth of what to call them. SATANICS. ”don’t forget who their lords & masters are=(the lizards) You think of them as devils, demons or evil spirits. They’re just really advanced badass ET’s with terrible social skills and humanity HAS KICKED THEIR ASSES BEFORE in a history you know nothing about - but will soon, here on OSTO.

One of the GOOD things to come out of this evil war was William Tompkins , (2-3) and his core group of Great Patriots who learned about this evil truth even while the war was being fought. His intelligence division had infiltrated the top secret V2 rocket projects and others in NAZI Germany and found themselves face to face with very large menacing looking creatures walking around providing advanced technologies and also offering a larger piece of the galactic pie.(Antarctica). I know; you are all wondering….what was the price that had to be paid, and continues to have to be paid to these Lizards for all these lies & deceptions to work so very well? Hmmm….?

William Tompkins himself said he couldn’t believe the reports when they came back to him but he was duty bound to report them in de-briefings and at some point - it became “self-evident” that the Lizards had changed the global game considerably and if we didn’t take this seriously it was not going to end well for humanity down the road. Lizards don’t go away without a fight and they have plans within plans for us.

this wasn’t e.t. being a bully. this was the nazi’s making a point. we got the point.

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We have a whole bunch of these, and much more. A whole Fleet.

We have a whole bunch of these, and much more. A whole Fleet.

In keeping with being the curator of the Museum of the Hard To Believe, I offer this advice. Whether you like sci-fi or hate it, or well; whatever - You should watch the first 5 seasons of a tv show called Star Gate SG1 based on the original movie Star Gate. Every aspect of our Secret Space Program was revealed through that show in much the same way as our first taste of this kind of disclosure happened when Star Trek came on the scene.

yes…the one with mcgyver himself.



Once William Tompkins brought us into the “Big Game” a Universe of technologies and opportunities opened up but only for a very small few, and most are not our friends, and I mean “we the people” of Earth - bought and sold by our own “we the people” of Earth because they decided to take the dark path which is as real as the light path you and I chose. In the Universe of all possibilities one is capable of achieving anything on either path depending on your commitment. Do you understand the implications of your daily decision making a little better now?

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Huge INTEL Dump In The Movie On Purpose.

Once you have taken the time to seriously consider all the TRUTH about our various secret space programs and clandestine off-world projects much of all else I present here will come into more focus. That will be your choice.


original s.s.p. content

Amid the positive spike in disclosure over the last few years, existence of a "Secret Space Program" (SSP - also known as Solar Warden [2][3]) over 35 clearance levels above the POTUS continues to be confirmed by an increasing number [1][2][3][4][5] of reputable, credentialed individuals. Small elite groups of wealthy influencers all around the world ensure the continued funding and suppression of the SSP, which explains frequent congressional anger over billions and trillions [3] of dollars disappearing here and there while media stands down every time.

> Perhaps the most notable person to expose the existence of secret programs and shadow governments was Senator Daniel K. Inouye who said: “There exists a shadowy government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.”[video] This directly lines up with President Eisenhower's warning to the people to beware of the unchecked military industrial complex, as many hidden interests were being pursued unbeknownst to even himself.

Military operations in space (or at least some of them) first became public knowledge in 1984 via President Ronald Reagan with the Strategic Defense Initiative, largely referred to as "Star Wars". While initially billed as a laser-precision defense system against nuclear missiles, the initiative went well beyond those aspirations. Interestingly, a former NASA employee[2] claimed there were secret manned missions to Mars as early as 1979. In an interview with Coast-to-Coast AM, alleged NASA employee ‘Jackie’ talked about other humans on Mars, something that has been discussed among other alleged NASA employees for years;  "…Then I saw two men in space suits – not the bulky suits we normally used, but they looked protective. They came over the horizon walking to the Viking Explorer…"

In addition, a former Marine claims to have even worked on Mars. The retired officer only known as Captain Kaye (pseudonym), said that not only have humans made it to Mars in the past, we have developed a secret space program and flotilla that operates in space. According to the former Marine, he was posted on the red planet for years and his mission was to protect the five human colonies from indigenous life forms on Mars. Captain Kaye reveals that not only did he spend years on Mars, he also served aboard a giant space carrier for three years. Today, many Secret Space Program whistleblowers continue to step forward with incredibly detailed testimonies that back up human activity on Mars among other ventures. There are endless billions and trillions of dollars at the disposal of many power-hungry individuals always looking for more power, no matter what the cost: what are the chances none of them have worked towards private interests in space? 

> Notable SSP whistleblowers include Corey Goode, Tony Rodriguez, Aug Tellez, Elena Kapulnik, William Thompkins [2], and Clifford Stone. If you're new to the idea of the SSP and the many impacts it has on not only our future but the missing links in our history, Cosmic Disclosure is among the top resources available. Featuring over 100 ongoing episodes covering everything from interactions with dozens of ET races to SSP technology and how our university-taught math is inherently flawed, whistleblower Corey Goode cites his personal life experiences in incredible detail. Corey was identified as an intuitive empath (IE) by the government at age six and was then recruited through one of the MILAB programs - MILAB is a term coined for the "military abduction" of a person that indoctrinates and trains them for any number of military black ops programs. Goode trained and served in these programs from 1976-1986/87 and continues in limited capacity today. Hosted by 2x NYT bestseller and History channel's "Ancient Aliens" resource David Wilcock, several guests are featured on the show including whistleblowers William Tompkins and Clifford Stone. With his own experiences, Corey also corroborates the "20 and back" timeframe that SSP participants endure (20 years in space, then back to Earth). Considering the commonality in the 20-year figure and alleged human presence on mars, the recent media hit on Alex Jones interviewing ex-CIA operative Robert Steele becomes more interesting. History continues to show us that when the media attacks something, 99% of the time it's because it's the truth - media made such a huge deal about this that NASA felt the need to step in and deny the claim. Mainstream media heavily implied that Alex himself made the statement and/or agreed, when in reality it was short-lived comment spoken by Steele. As with pizzagate, the Streisand effect continues to prevail.

William Tompkins is a credentialed aerospace engineer for several of the top black-project contractors for the U.S. government, including North American Aviation, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Douglas Aircraft Company. Tompkins worked within highly classified think tanks designing advanced weapons for aerospace companies - even assisting with the Saturn and Apollo Space Programs for NASA. As a teenager, William Tompkins’s keen eye for detail nearly landed him in hot water with the Navy as his models of Navy ships included specifications which were classified. However, the Navy took interest in his capabilities and subsequently recruited him into their Intelligence programs to focus on advanced technology projects. Tompkins claims that most of the time, he would be tasked to engineer something that he had absolutely no clue how it functioned, or how the desired technology would even begin to work - once he sat down and cleared his mind, thoughts and calculations were sent to him telepathically without explanation, allowing him to fulfill otherwise impossible projects for the government. Additional links on William Tompkins are available at the bottom of this article.

> Sergeant Clifford Stone is perhaps one of the most intense witnesses in the disclosure process and has continued to share his story for years. Cliff has gone public to relay incidents from his years of service with the U.S. Army where he served as an intuitive empath charged with making contact with extraterrestrial beings. It began in early childhood with an interest in UFOs and telepathic contact with otherworldly beings, and soon members of the military caught wind of his abilities. Among the many interviews, testimonies, and seminars he has given, this one-hour testimony gives great insight into Sergeant Stone's story. Having first-hand experiences interacting with extraterrestrials, Cliff gets emotional describing his telepathic conversations with ET captives and the struggle of whether to do his job or let them free. Recalling one of these experiences, Clifford could even feel the ET's fear

"And as soon as I went in, he looked up at me. And when he looked up at me, you know, no one else could hear what . . . Just like I say, I can hear it like you and I talking, but I can also feel it. He said, “I am afraid.” And I could feel the fear, and I could also see, you know, his concern about his seeing his family again."

Further readings and interviews with Clifford Stone are available at the bottom of this article, corroborating his knowledge and involvement in Secret Space Program projects.

> A wide variety of technology hidden from public knowledge exists across the many levels and divisions of SSP operations. Cited by many of these same whistleblowers, devices such as "food replicators" exist with the ability to materialize meals inside of a microwave-sized box. Various types of age regression technology is discussed (albeit with side effects), and of course the ability for faster-than-light travel and the transportation of matter. Most importantly, cures for all disease and health ailments are known. Perhaps the most hidden technology of all however, is ourselves - the natural abilities of our brain and collective consciousness are far from fully realized. Referenced throughout ancient history including whistleblower testimony and dialogue with ETI, there is overwhelming evidence to show we are capable of things beyond our comprehension. Some testimonies even attest to "Jedi-style" human beings with similar defensive and aggressive telekinetic powers, but that they pay the price of shorter lifetimes due to their body's "lifetime worth of energy" depleting at high rates. As we stated at the beginning of this series, we don't expect you to take our word for it - our goal is to simply open your mind to the greater realities all around us by showing you the tip of the iceberg.