"Beings that can not protect their children are doomed to, and deserve extinction." -CosmicGuy
10-19-2019 I have contacted Discovery Channel, NatGeo, History Channel, Bravo, several Canadian and BBC networks that air similar programming and more. This is as real as I can make things for you. questions? 951-434-8340 anytime. This is what I do. If I can show donations coming in, I will get their attention. You know how THAT works also. Follow the permi$$ion $lip$
“I believe the Area 51 Proximity Anomaly is NOT natural and needs a legitimate investigation performed...could be nothing, could be everything.
— CosmicGuy

Relentless As The Jedi…

If all of this is confusing to you, here’s my email address and official OSTO phone number, you can call or text me to find out exactly what this is and why our INDIEGOGO crowd funding project is a legit request. IT really won’t take long after a few of you brave tinfoilers throw into the Adventure. Every moment right here exclusively on OSTO.SPACE.

951-434-8340 text or call or email: cosmicguy@protonmail.com a Bold move for an old CosmicGuy in a broken boat in the desert. :) I believe in this project because of all the efforts made to censor it from all of us. I have the only web site in the civilized world that has the INTEL I have on this. Help me get to the bottom of this!

OSTO can begin escalating the INVESTIGATION of the Area 51 Anomaly. Please take some time to look over the ONLY EXISTING INTEL on this obviously ODD anomaly miles from Area 51. Once the most secret place on Earth.



Funding Started!

10-2019 - This is a special project that OSTO WILL launch, and I have patience to wait until I can do it properly. Once the 50 percent mark is reached ($5,000) I can get things started. I already have the research and a plan for a 21st century archaeological dig, -non-invasive- and I will produce a 30 minute pilot episode for reality TV, (perhaps more) within that $10k amount without overruns. - CosmicGuy & OSTO. SPACE

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The hardest part of this FREE concept is remembering to click on  My Amazon  before you goto Your Amazon. Simple. It will take time. np.

The hardest part of this FREE concept is remembering to click on My Amazon before you goto Your Amazon. Simple. It will take time. np.


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IN A "NUT"SHELL: OSTO & CosmicGuy, pretty much one and the same; have no pre-determined beliefs going into this project concerning the nature of, the validity of, or the religious significance of said Area 51 Proximity Anomaly; or Giant Foot Print (cause that's what we humans do, we anthropomorphize that which we do not understand, for comfort from fear of the unknown if nothing else.) I fear nothing on this Earth now. Let's find out why both the United States government AND the Chinese government don't want anyone to know about it. THAT for "we the people" should be worth the small price of admission...lol (just $10 from 1,000 of you!)