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Third Eye Not Blind

Third Eye Not Blind

Developing your 6th sense

You know about touch, taste, smell, see and hear….but do you know about your very real sixth sense, of intuition, ‘the knowing’? You can develop it and hone it like your other 5 senses. Want to know more?

the law of one studies

Humans have some bizarre innate desire to make everything in their lives as complicated and perplexing as they can; with as much conjecture and ranting and raving about details and different points of view….ugh. Life in this consumption based Universe is quite simple to understand. You do something nice, nice comes back. You do something not so nice, something not so nice comes back. How and when and to what severity or bliss seems up to a larger dynamic than most of us can comprehend; but it goes down. The Law of One Studies take you into a world filled with “distortions” and “filters”. It really is about love and forgiveness, and treating others as you would have them treat you. IS that really so difficult to comprehend anymore? Want to know more?

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“the new age”-Lynn Miller

In life we all possess various abilities. Most children are born with intuitive capabilities. When we incarnate we come in on a higher vibrational level allowing certain abilities to surface. This is often seen in children of a young age. The zest for life, curiosity and fascination with the most simple things. As we get older these capabilities are often toned done due to consistent outer forces. Want to know more?


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the brutal truth of this 21ST century

extraordinary times demand extraordinary people. are you ready to join the resistance?


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