"That's No Moon...it’s a Space Station" -William "Obi Wan" Tompkins

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Does that clear it up for you proper? :)

Meet William Tompkins, Father of our Secret Space Program. Old Buzz Aldrin could take a lesson of conscience from this man. Do the right thing “Buzz” before it’s too late. How dare you get your near death ills fixed by advanced medical technology “we the peoples” tax money bought and paid for, but are somehow not worthy of benefiting from… are you paying attention reader? are you paying attention “Buzz” - I am hammering him on his own social media btw. Before you get all opinionated. There really is advanced med tech being suppressed from us. Our loved ones need never die of cancer or genetic diseases again. “We The People” - will continue to suffer as long as we are unable to suspend our disbelief systems. Listen to what William Tompkins revealed to all right before his death. He had nothing to gain or lose. Or did he Buzz?

latest STRANGE-TIES happening on the ‘moon’

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This is a screen shot of a small piece of the article.

I have it here for its reference to David Icke from the video above; from an independent 3rd and 4th party. HERE is the complete article from Jeff Rense Web Site.

You must understand that everything you think you know or believe about your existence, humankind’s history and what our place really is in the Universe, well - is WRONG.