Throughout modern history, the tight-lipped secret of the elite is that pedophilia is the ultimate form of lifelong blackmail. It is estimated that roughly one third of the world's most influential and wealthy people are pedophiles themselves - while many of the rest are set up to be drugged and/or coerced into acts with minors in filmed ('bugged') rooms, yielding evidence powerful enough to forever control the most righteous of individuals. There are thousands of documented cases where criminal networks provide access to children for the purposes of sexual exploitation, child pornography, ritual abuse, and even organ harvesting to elite clientele in the political and business worlds. Many people mysteriously die attempting to expose this reality, such as those involved in the Franklin Credit Union case. As to the sensitive nature of the content presented herein, please note that absolutely no pictures or links to actual child pornography are provided at any time.

With millions of (known) children going missing around the world every year, one tends to wonder why nobody ever talks about the literal holocaust of children happening day to day. Are children really used for ritual abuse, slavery, and sacrifices throughout certain elite societies of the world? The largest protests in history would be taking place every day not only in Washington, but around the world - if people only knew the decades of vast, credible evidence surrounding this issue. From an FBI head's personal life research to dozens of documented high-profile coverups, the existence of these rings and attempts to protect them are no secret. The ultimate form of blackmail (even if staged or forced), pedophilia evidence is enough to ruin anyone's life and career - yielding a level of control over those with even the best of intentions.

Curious emails with high-profile individuals reveal strange conversations involving pizza-related codewords among other foods. Are they really just talking about food? Decide for yourself after taking a look at some of the emails, public knowledge of the people involved, and FBI-recognized symbology. Just like other pedophilia-related coverups, the media has invested significant resources into keeping the pizzagate scandal from blowing up any further - but why protect a random pizza shop owner? Why are the Clinton's implicated in multiple documented human trafficking & pedophilia coverups, yet the media turns a blind eye? Please be advised, this won't be an easy read.

What's next? Thankfully, the world's power structures have begun to shift drastically. Child/human trafficking arrests are setting record highs as the old corrupted power structures (including the deep state) continue to be exposed piece by piece. Some of the largest pedophile related busts ever have occurred since October 2016, and all signs are looking up as progress increases. Though the mainstream media is still largely corrupted and controlled by the wrong agendas, administrations and agencies across the world have continued to produce results towards resolution of these atrocities.