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LATEST UPDATE 5.16.2019 9:05 pm PST-

scroll down to liberty SCULPTURE park picture.


come now, it’s the cosmicguy, you didn’t think this was going to be an ordinary adventure, did you?

I have arrived at the Newberry Springs Institute and have settled into “my quarters”, and I say that with much affection. My project, this adventure if you will just got even more fascinating, in that I was contacted by a group of Chinese Christian researchers about a giant footprint out in the desert that apparently everyone and no one knows about -(try researching this footprint your self, about all you can pull up is a google earth map pic, like I have.) Why is that? Why so close to Area 51 and no pictures from anyone on the Internet? …and lastly, and most importantly RIGHT HERE - RIGHT NOW - what in the wide worlds of sports is that giant head of Lenin doing at the entrance of a place I’m to learn about the footprints divine meaning concerning Christianity and the second coming of Jesus Christ??? I will give you one hint now, and I will tell you the fascinating backstory of my incredibly wonderful, gracious and determined hosts. For my friends reading this, you God Family Country American Patriots (whether you might admit that in public right now or not.) we indeed do live in interesting times, and these loving people I have just met have something very dear in common to all of us here, and they are fighting for it in their own way, just like we are right here, right now. Our Freedom. Research “Tank Man.” - if you want to learn more about who I am co-existing with, living with, and although I am in the minority of English speaking residents, respect, love and laughter are a Universal language that needs no interpreter. Let this drama unfold as it should. What I am also learning about my friends from the Chinese Mainland, they do not really understand what is going on in our country right now, but they sure as “hell” know who “satan” is. …more to come for sure…God Bless America. God Bless Humanity. (what is left of it is worth saving!)

update 4.29.20195:17pm PST


4.29.2019 - Join me right here for any and all updates to this “Year Long Project” that your CosmicGuy has committed his ISBE self to; but that much time and for what purpose? That will unfold here exclusively on - Of Service To Others just got more significant in its meaning and I am uniquely grateful for this opportunity, in that it is also part of the “Domino’s of Truth” I speak of on occasion. The implications of this research, could literally be ‘earth shaking’. and it’s not about adding false hyperbole to get you interested. So far I’ve been shown hard evidence of the existence of this “Foot Print” in multiple religious books, and in sacred geometry here in America concerning the Statue of Liberty, the Whitehouse and Washington D.C. AND the Georgia Guidestones as well.

I have been shown astronomical evidence of it’s existence through not very difficult mathematics and even more evidence in multiple calendars from various cultures on Earth from various times including the Mayan calendar….but in keeping with my status as self-appointed curator of The Museum of The Hard to Believe I offer the most compelling evidence from my CosmicGuy perspective in this still from the movie Terminator 3.

2019-04-26 09_56_16-plane at end of terminator 3 movie - Google Search.png

“what in the wide WORLD of sports is he talking about?”

i will share the details of this incredible evidence and the backstory once i am settled-48 hours or so from now.

Again I am only a solid week into this so I am but the Padawan learner, but that will change and you will witness it right here. I’m just gonna tell it like it is, it won’t be regular every moment or every day - unless something warrants it; but here’s some of what you can expect:

-I will be flying out to the “Foot Print” regularly with a helicopter tour company out of Las Vegas planning and designing that aspect of the presentation., I will be throwing lots of HD video on the OSTO youtube channel, so that’s going to be of interest.

-I will take you inside the study of the evidence as the lab research on the rock samples becomes available in June, soon after my 60th birthday. Anyone telling me as a boy of 10, seeing my first Star Trek episode; that one day I would be involved with helping get the human race INTO the Star Trek Universe, I would have have said, “Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.”

This is real folks, let’s learn together what it’s all about …click the “Foot Print” to get to the hard evidence I’ve been presented so far.

I Spoke with Linda Moulton Howe today briefly concerning “FootPrint”

If you are familiar with the Disclosure Initiative then Linda needs no introduction. To get a snapshot of her amazing career and accolades for journalistic integrity and impeccable research; click HERE She will be reviewing the “Foot Print of God” research materials very soon. Thank you Linda - huge fan btw - CosmicGuy

UPDATE 5.10.2019 10:31 pm PST



I find this fascinating journey to have been given an organic upgrade to astounding. Let me introduce you to Weiming Chen world renowned sculpture who hails from mainland China, but has been an ex-Patriot living in New Zealand and now here in the Southwestern United States. His story, and why he is building Liberty Sculpture Park is an extraordinary tie-in to what we God Family Country American Patriots are experiencing right now within our own borders. Seems Christianity and Freedom aren’t real popular in China either. Hit a nerve America?


stay tuned in to social media and visit the site to check on updates. they will begin to appear more often as this extreme intel adventure unfolds….thank you for taking the time to educate and enlighten yourself on the commonality of religious and free expression. These key components are intrinsic to the global full disclosure INITIATIVE in that love and forgiveness is universal.

I am still awaiting a reply from Linda Moulton-Howe, she is a disclosure professional very much in demand and very much worth the wait. Unraveling the mystery that is humankind takes time.

updated-5/ & cosmicguy visit ground zero.

As this fascinating story; older than perhaps anyone is prepared to accept now, unfolds; your CosmicGuy gets his first visit to the site of the giant foot print.
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