MicroDeath / Bio-Hacking / Body Frequency Tracking / Mind Manipulation

Why would anyone believe this? Who would do such evil things? Suspension of dis-Belief needed.

Our bodies have a multitude of “backdoors” accessible through multiple means.

Our bodies have a multitude of “backdoors” accessible through multiple means.



This is real.

This document was translated and does not read well in English, but to cut to the chase, each of our bodies has it’s own frequency number, like a social security number, and if you have the technology you can access it and take it over, influence it’s decision making, thought processes and can trigger a pre-programmed MKUltra target to complete a task.


This is the delivery system, and you are surrounded by them.

Microwave towers are being constructed by the thousands in every state without your permission. These new 5-G towers are exponential in their damage to our DNA and brain chemistry.

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Awareness is the key to change. Truth=Change.

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Things you were not taught in school.

Our ignorance of our own bodies capabilities good and bad have been our downfall for EONS. The badguys/gals have known forever, and have been using this suppressed knowledge against us. We have an opportunity now to expose and bring this to an end. I don’t think any of us alive knows what it would feel like to have all of these millions of weaponized microwaves turned off.

this is recent news coming out of cuba. you may not have heard about it.

Anyone can do their own research into this and, well frankly all the subject matter on this site, and on my sister site, www.disclosureport.com - -what myself and others in the Global Full Disclosure Initiative are doing is starting somewhere….anywhere - to get all of us on the same a page so we can organize a proper push-back on all of this. The global cabal has been broken, you are seeing it, some of you are feeling it but it is here and it is not going to stop. Help bring humanity out of the darkness and into the light. Circulate this and other disclosure sites around the web. You may be “red-pilled” but I assure you 99 percent of the world still is NOT. Spread the brutal truth of this 21st century.