Robert D. Barry, Extreme INTEL Researcher and My Disclosure Mentor

Robert D. Barry

Robert D. Barry

Your CosmicGuy has several Disclosure mentor’s, but this man is very special to/for me - I met him right after I had come off the road - performing music for many years right out of high school, and gotten married, settled down - kinda - and began my own technology company called, simply enough, Partin Technologies. I advertised my home satellite tv systems on his show which had been broadcasting not only locally in Central PA on WGCB TV Red Lion, PA for over 5 years, but right when I met him the TV station he worked for up-linked onto broadcast satellite Westar 4 - so the show went International waaaaaay back then....I actually got my first TV experience co-hosting and then guest-hosting the show when Bob's throat cancer came back. Unfortunately that time around he did not beat it. Now I am keeping the E.T. Monitor torch lit for the truth of this 21st century. He had an extraordinary experience back in the late 50's that changed the direction of his life forever - he and his wife Lucy manned this show, E.T. Monitor.
He was offering Cosmic Disclosure before anyone - including Art Bell! I stumbled upon these on youtube some years back. These are but a small sample of his work, but you will get the seriousness and professionalism Bob had right away, without seeming staunchy. It is nice someone still had VCR recordings to share. I share more of my memories and the INTEL he shared with me way back then at the bottom of this page.


Ok, now that you know him a bit better, let me share with you the key bullet point Extreme INTEL nuggets he was offering then on his show for all, and also, because he had taken me into his confidence after I began doing field reporting and then co-hosting the show with him on occasion; he shared with me some things that he was instructed not to talk about on his show. His connections were “Q” military right out of World War 2.

-Underground genetics labs in Dulce, NM (showed me mimeograph of levels underground.)

-Abductions part of a government deal for ET technology

-Nazi base on the dark side of the moon (Operation Paperclip)

-A Reptilian race was at the core of all our problems; yet some of us ‘work’ with them.

-There were clone ‘greys’ that were drones or soldiers, and real ‘greys’ from Zeta Reticuli

-The government had advanced laser weapons (he showed me a soundless super 8mil of a whole train being disintegrated.

This was between 1988-92 before he passed from throat cancer.

Bless you Bob Barry for your positive influence on me in the search for the truth of this 20th AND 21st century! - Cosmic Guy

Bless you Bob Barry for your positive influence on me in the search for the truth of this 20th AND 21st century! - Cosmic Guy

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