Does Meditation Work? Only If You Want It To.

In this yin yang existence it becomes obvious that everything has it’s opposite. Trying to figure out the methodology to this is probably one of the bigger jokes played on third density beings. It is what it is. I do not have to be present in a forest when a tree falls, on a positive gravity planet; to know that it indeed makes one hell of a racket and scares the wits out of the critters living in, around and under it. IT has become clear to me that the less I am connected to the material world, the world humans built through toils paid for in blood and misery and oppression and enslavement, I become less anxious, less frustrated and especially much less depressed. Does all that go away? No, but it puts you in enough of a positive frame mind for yourself to begin to make some real changes in your life that can have meaning and give you purpose beyond waking, working and sleeping. Then on-material world? What is that? It’s the one inside your head, your heart, your soul. The one that screams to escape the surely bonds of this Earthly plane that we seem not to be from.

So does meditation work? Only if you want it to. Here’s some basic pointers to get you started, and make things less mysterious.

The physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of meditation can be life changing. We already know as fact that regular meditation literally re-shapes the brain - this is called neuroplasticity. You may have heard it recently in commercials for those on-line brain improvement web sites popping up here and there... do not discount their premise just because they advertise on TV, there is solid science in action here. Meditation is no longer considered a hippy-love-in, drug induced peacenik event. Right now dear reader, right at this moment you are going to read one of the biggest suppressed secrets in human existence. Each of us. You, me - everyone - whether we believe, or not, have the power to shape our reality through this "thing" called meditation. It is not just about sitting in the 'lotus' position and humming some mantras while you try to unthink you you are thinking. No no, my fellow ISBE, the act of meditation on a personal basis is very powerful and can change your life for real. The act of meditation en masse - cohesive thought, all together, all at once, in real time can and MUST change the world. This reality we all exist in now, with so much wrong with it, can be changed. That is one of the many dirty little secrets the 'bad guys' don't want you to know. The people of Earth that truly desire a change for the better, together we can effect change. Change = Truth. With that, I leave you with a sample walk-through of the practice of meditation: