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From William Tompkins and Clifford Stone to Stan Romanek, contact with extraterrestrial intelligence has been documented and corroborated by many credible, documented sources - so if you've ever wanted to ask a being of higher intelligence all about what the "meaning of life" is, you're in luck. The "Law of One", also known as the "Ra Material" is a series of question-and-answer sessions between a Ph.D. physicist/UFOlogist and an extraterrestrial intelligence (by the name of "Ra") communicating via channeled telepathy through Carla Rueckert. Ra's words, brought through in 1981, are arguably the ultimate source of accurate ET information to have emerged in modern history.

In over 106 Q&A sessions over a 3-year period, the answers are overall very positive with an attempt to guide us towards a peaceful ascension. This "ascension" alludes to an ideal global consciousness shift - from the unlocking of our brain's true natural abilities, to life-changing technologies. Many independent sources continue to vouch for the credibility of these dialogues - double NYT bestseller David Wilcock scientifically validated "The Law of One" in three different published books with over 2200 total references. It is said,  "All things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the best one." - The journey and the answers are not "out there"... they are in here, inside us all. This excerpt on the concept of an "Infinite Creator" sets the tone:

"The Law of One states that there is only one, and that one is the Infinite Creator, which Ra also calls “Infinite Intelligence” and “Intelligent Infinity.” It is impossible to describe the “one undifferentiated intelligent infinity, unpolarized, full and whole,” but It can be activated or potentiated. Each portion of the creation contains, paradoxically, the whole. Since all is one, all manifestation, or appearance of many-ness, is an illusion. According to Ra, it is an illusion carefully engineered in order to give the Creator the opportunity to know Itself."

>> The "Law of One" can be read in full for free online via <<

The questions and responses tend to have a lot of depth, and Ra does his best at communicating in our language. From flaws in our physics and pyramids to religion and humanity's path, a massive range of subjects are covered. David Wilcock published a very useful guide analyzing and summarizing the "Law of One" for those who don't want to read every detail and prefer digging right into the highlights and the meaning. The information offered throughout these channelings continue to be significant as the contents are corroborated by everything we know from alien contactees, abductees, and Secret Space Program whistleblowers.

> Adding further validation to the concepts and ideals expressed in the "Law of One", a much shorter but similar channeling took place earlier in history on the other side of the world through Walt Rogers in 1958 - these transcripts became known as "The Brown Notebook". A photographed excerpt is depicted below, showing the similarities in tone and message. For example, in the "Law of One" the passages frequently end with "Adonai", the Hebrew word for God. Interestingly, the "Brown Notebook" transcripts do the same, but spelled "Odina", as the transcriber was phonetically sounding out the word and did not know it. There is a significant amount of crossover between the two - could these attempts at enlightening humanity be from the same source?

You will find this individual; david wilcock is one of the foremost scholars on the law of one teachings.