Fearless into the Future



Hello there! I am your Cosmic Guy, welcome to my little corner of existence. My bully pulpit if you will. The truth lives here. This is the one place I take editorial license as it is called when one gives opinion based on fact, or as I like to kid myself into thinking,....where I turn the mirror back in on itself. Itself being humanity. I can never forget that I too am one of us, yet somewhere deep I feel I never was one to want to join a club that would have me as a member.


Immortality is a subject near and dear to that "itch I can not scratch."....but do not feel sorry for me, for you to have that same itch....it has only manifested itself in its own unique way, just for you, in this present iteration of your ISBE existence. Yes, I pull no punches in the Fearless Into The Future segments or my show, and at times I try to use humor to perhaps, 'soften' the blow of truth. Because truth equals change but truth ain't pretty. Not always. At times I do not use humor to convey my point, and although some would have me apologize for my delivery I shall not. It is a dirty job, but knowing humanity as I do, it is necessary that I do things the way I do them.


This "Fearless" below is one of my very first segments when I began DITD in 4/2017. I have since diverted my old website to this one. All the information I speak of can be found here at OSTO.SPACE - IT really does lay it on the line for you, if you are ready to take on what truly is a meaningful and purposeful existence, but hey, that last part is just yer old Cosmic Guy's opinion...based on....yep.....you guessed it. empirical evidence and Truth. Please note at the end of this segment I narrate verbatim "The Message" as given to Corey Goode from Ra Tear Eir representing the Sphere Being Alliance. This is THE real stuff my ISBE friends....and so very simple. 'love and forgiveness' - no wonder humankind can't get it right. It's too simple, too logical, too naturally right.


Arti S. Ficial

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere now, and I cover it quite a bit on my show, Disclosure in the Desert; but what you probably do not know is there is more than one kind of A.I.. Yes my ISBE friend your Cosmic Guy is here to give you the stressful news that there indeed IS more than one kind and the kind I talk about is the really bad kind. If you want to take a peek into a possible and most-likely future and you subscribe to that massive diversion called HBO, then check out the series West World with Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris. I am prepared to tell you more about the differences between the two A.I.'s we have to fear, but ultimately it is ourselves we have to fear the most. As long as humans are still needed to write the programming software that makes A.I. live, we will be subject to the wiles of the corruptible nature of humankind...but the fear we have yet to overcome is when we are no longer needed to write that code or service their parts...... So in essence here at OSTO.SPACE it is indeed an individual journey that leads you to more humans like us so that we can ascend and enlighten ourselves to effect change through the co-creative consciousness. Once this is achieved there is no reliance on, or relevance to technology of any kind. This is our liberation from this 3-D holographic world that has been created purposefully, intentionally to keep the above information from taking root. Oops....too late. :c)


Now, you have met Arti S. Ficial, I will now take you a little further down the rabbits hole....listen in while Arti lets your Cosmic Guy know who's the boss...and it ain't no sitcom...


Galactic Racism?

Are we lowly human beings the trash of the galaxy? Are we the crack of the universe? Where is our place?

is that all there is.jpg

Well, is it?

Is that all there is? Is that all there is? If that's all there is my friend, then let's keep dancing, let's break out the booze and have a ball...if that's all there is....


The Neverending Story part 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000 - Days of Future, Passed Shock


Bad things happen to good people....don't you hate that saying? I will tell you why you REALLY hate it. :c)

event is coming....


thank god its fridge fridays?



I have a plan of action. In a world of talk I am an ISBE of action. Hear me tell you all about TGIFF


Hello there, your Cosmic Guy here - Intrigued about my T.G.I.F.F. concept and would really like to know ALL the reasons for this program and why it is imperative that a TGIFF get started in every city across the U.S.  There is strength in numbers my ISBE friends. Imagine harnessing 500,000 homeless people, Displaced ISBE's and having them all on the steps of the Lincoln memorial in Washington D.C.?  Each one holding a sign that says, "Release Suppressed Technology Now" "Give us Food Replicators Now!" "FREE THE ISBE's from EARTH!" - lol....ok, maybe not that last one....not yet.  Interested in learning more? mail me personally: cosmicguyp@gmail.com

synopsis: Just about every workplace has a shared fridge. Almost all of them have the same note taped to them, "If its in here on Friday it gets thrown out along with the container." or something along those lines. I am sure this has resonated with you already, so stay with me...after some research I found out two things, the first you already know, the tons of food thrown out each Friday is incomprehensible to envision. The second was the weekends are the toughest time for our displaced humans to find food. Most of the institutions in place to feed them are only open during the week. No weekends. Only churches and a few soup kitchens are available, and not in every circumstance. We connect the guilt a person feels when they learn of the colossal waste of food they are contributing to every Friday to absolving that guilt by bringing in a couple non-perishable food items every Friday for pick-up. Imagine getting just 10 businesses giving 10 non-perishable food items a week...thats 100 cans or packages of food ready to be collated and distributed strictly on the WEEKEND! That is how it works. Every Friday when the rest of us are excitedly planning our weekend of fun and frivolities, the millions of homeless, displaced humans are stiffening up for another weekend of "dumpster surprise"...think about that as you read this. There is a whole friggin' world of hurt going on right under yours and everyone else's noses... There comes a time in every ISBE's existence when they finally say, "No More!" If you truly feel this way and are prepared to 'act' on it, then use that email address I listed above. You are what you do. Truth=Change. - cg

email your Cosmic Guy  Here  if you are serious about making a difference and getting my site and the disclosure message out to every human on the planet.

email your Cosmic Guy Here if you are serious about making a difference and getting my site and the disclosure message out to every human on the planet.