WTC 7: The Science

As many are aware, thousands of architects, engineers, demolitions, and high-rise experts have united behind the scientific facts present in the collapse of each tower. Over two years in the making, the University of Alaska Fairbanks is set to release its $300,000 model on the collapse of building 7 thanks to the work of Dr. J Leroy Hulsey (Chair of UAF's Civil and Environmental Engineering Department) and two Ph.D. research assistants. Lab videos for their experiment can be viewed here. This finite element analysis has again exposed the NIST report as fraudulent.

WTC 7 angles of collapse vs multiple controlled demolitions

WTC 7 angles of collapse vs multiple controlled demolitions

Just this year, a former NIST employee of 14 years made his first public appearance speaking out against the official report with Dr. Hulsey: [YouTube Video]

"If NIST truly believes in the veracity of its WTC investigation, then it should openly share all evidence, data, models, computations, and other relevant information unless specific and compelling reasons are otherwise provided." —Peter Ketcham, NIST 1997-2011

However, NIST refuses to release their model data for peer review. If members of NIST don't even believe their own investigation, why should we? With over 500,000 views and highly regarded by the world's largest organization of physicists, even Physics Magazine published an article contesting the official narrative.

Additional professionals who helped fund the WTC 7 model research along side the University of Alaska Fairbanks include:

David Topete, MSCE, S.E., Structural Engineer

Mr. Topete discusses how WTC Building 7's column 79's failure could not have caused the symmetrical and simultaneous global collapse at free fall acceleration.

Kamal Obeid, C.E., S.E. – Civil/Structural Engineer

Mr. Obeid, a 30-year structural engineer explains how NIST's analysis actually disproves it's own theories on how WTC Building 7 collapsed, thereby confirming the use of controlled demolition.

Tom Sullivan - Former Explosives Loader for Controlled Demolition, Inc.

Tom discusses the complex process of preparing a building for controlled demolition and explains the reasons why WTC Building 7 was a textbook controlled demolition in his eyes.

WTC Chief Electrical Design Engineer, Richard Huemenn P.E.

"An international commission should be formed to look at this in an unbiased manner."

A submission about UAF's project additionally went viral on Reddit. Since then, a 30 minute documentary featuring NIST's Peter Ketcham was released discussing his ignorance to the fraud within the NIST report.

NIST omitted key elements and features in their model:

  • Omission of Shear Studs

  • Omission of Stiffeners

  • Omission of NFP investigation standards

  • Omission of peer review

UAF's models are currently under peer review and all data will be open to the public for free in ~August, 2017.