Third Eye Not Blind

More suppressed knowledge of course, the pineal gland truly provides the key to your higher self. Everyone deserves to know about their divine transceiver! There is so much to tell you about this tiny, pinecone shaped thing in the center of your brain. Here is a very short video to get your curiosity piqued....This is an important potential first step for you to connect with that feeling inside that you are sure there is something more to our existence than most might know - or even consider:

...a few titillating facts to get your pineal juices flowing, - for its size (a pea) more blood flows through it than any other organs in the body save your kidneys. It is the only part of your brain not divided into hemispheres. It has rods and cones like your eyeballs - and used to be just as large (what happened to it?). It has crystals inside, just like your cell phone. Justin Verrengia put together a really enlightening amalgam of intel on this "suppressed knowledge" in this video: