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What the Deep State never wanted you to know about Hemp, CBD oil and Marijuana/THC

What the Deep State never wanted you to know about Hemp, CBD oil and Marijuana/THC

Hypothetical question: If I wanted to control every aspect of your life, and good old mother Earth contained a veritable plethora of health alternatives to harmful artificial medicines, polluting fossil fuels, toxic textile chemicals, cancerous skin care products, poisonous food, caustic plastics and clothing filled with carcinogens, and I controlled the law makers, I would make sure to get that plant made illegal, even if I have to lie to you and lump it in with marijuana. This is the same thing that had happened to Hemp and CBD oil, for it too has amazing natural healing properties that would compete with big pharma. The truth is here, but for your information right up front, just in case you’re not sure; CBD Oil is legal in all 50 states, and Internationally. President Trump signed the 2018 Farm bill right before Christmas and now for the first time in many decades Hemp is 100 percent legal to grow, process and sell.


the history of hemp

It should be noted that hemp is not marijuana. There are various countries where hemp is legalized and others where it is termed as illegal to consume the plant or the plant products. The countries that have legalized hemp include; Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Austria, China, Finland, Germany, France, Great Britain, India, Japan, Hungary, Netherlands, Romania, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Egypt, Korea, Portugal, Thailand, Ukraine, Slovenia and Russia.



what is cbd oil? let’s ask dr. oz

:newsflash: to cut to the chase. hemp and cbd oil can’t get you high, stoned, the munchies, or roadmap eyed.

hemp can be used to make clothes,medicines, textiles, plastic, skin care products, nutritional SUPPLEMENTS, fuel, CONSTRUCTION materials, food for humans and animals…and not a smidgeon of that nasty thc that you were wrongly convinced by the deep state and big food and big textiles and big oil into thinking it did. just like…

cbd oil or cannabidiol oil has many uses mainly in the medical field. just a few of it’s uses

Epilepsy and seizure disorders

  • Pain and inflammation

  • PTSD and anxiety

  • Crohn’s disease

  • Multiple sclerosis

  • Opioid withdrawal


What is the difference between CBD and THC? Learn here, or here, or here.

You may have wondered for a moment, what is osto.space doing posting this information on an ad-free disclosure site? Great question and here is the answer: Everyone knows what the connotation of taking the “Red Pill” is all about, especially if you are here reading this. Well, that is why osto.space offers the “Green Pill” because you have been purposefully, intentionally lied to about, mainly HEMP - but MARIJUANA as well.

In this section, we hope to educate you with the same approach as everything else on this web site. Provide the facts, links to where the facts come from, and then you decide for yourself what to do next.

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