9/11 "One Sheet"

Several members of our team have each studied the events of 9/11 for over fifteen years now, and during that time we've systematically read nearly everything ever printed on this subject. There has been a concerted effort from the beginning to confuse the public with disinformation - as long as people remain divided and distracted arguing whether or not jet fuel melts steel beams, the truth behind why the attacks took place remains hidden from most of global consciousness. As typical with humanity, the answer to every political agenda is "follow the money".

The purpose of this sheet is to summarize why 9/11 took place when it did, the three primary motivations for the event, and specifically who was responsible. We can also provide the data necessary to see both why and how the actual reality behind the event was covered up - and more importantly, why it will remain so unless a large power structure shift takes place at the top of the global elite.

1. Why did the events of 9/11 happen on 9/11? Was this a "date specific" event?
Yes, the event was specific to 9/11/2001 - because on 9/12/2001, $240 billion dollars in fraudulent securities became due and payable by the US treasury and paying those securities would have exposed the necessary links in hundreds of massive, global international money laundering schemes and hundreds of elected (and non-elected) officials would have gone to prison based on hundreds of current/ongoing investigations at that time. Compiled evidence of money laundering, arms sales, drug sales, violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and many more crimes were destroyed forever.

2. Hundreds of elected and non-elected officials would have gone to prison?
Yes. The FBI, the CIA, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Customs, the Secret Service, IRS, the Office Of Naval Intelligence (ONI), banking regulators and global intelligence organizations as well as a number of other government agencies were tracking the money laundering activities related to gold market manipulation and global international money laundering. The "Eldorado Task Force" was a group of 55 intergovernmental agencies devoted to investigating international money laundering, whose headquarters in WTC 6 were destroyed in the attacks. These investigations all began after 1989 and were tracking years of fraudulent but very sophisticated money laundering schemes. ALL investigations were immediately halted on 9/12/2001 because not only was ALL of the evidence destroyed, but hundreds of government and non-government investigators were also killed.

3. Did anything unusual happen the day after 9/11?
Yes. For the first time in US history, the Federal Reserve cleared $240 billion dollars in securities *ANONYMOUSLY* thanks to the SEC. The SEC invoked its emergency powers under SEC Act Section 12(k) and eased regulatory restrictions for the clearance of international securities on 9/11/2001. Think about that - the Federal Reserve allowed an anonymous individual or individuals to be paid $240 billion dollars in US denominated funds without revealing their names, location or legal status. As a result of the events of 9/11 George Bush, the SEC, and the Federal Reserve approved the dispensing of "Securities Clearance" laws, for less then 15 days, a presidential approved breach of National Security, for the first time in history.

4. Why did George Bush and the Federal Reserve do this?
In 1989, a scheme was devised to end the Cold War and destroy the Soviet Union. This plan included crashing their currency and thus the economy, buying up the Soviet infrastructure at pennies on the dollar and leaving the Soviet Union a shell of its former self. The plan worked. In order to promote a sophisticated plan to crash the economy of the Soviet Union, a massive amount of money was needed - the Federal Reserve and the SEC (with the blessings of George Bush) approved the counterfeiting of $240 billion dollars in bearer bonds, commonly referred to as Brady Bonds. This scheme was covered fully under "National Security." There were 4 parts to this "National Security" scheme:

A) Theft of the Soviet Treasury
B) Currency Destabilization of the Ruble
C) Funding the KGB Generals 1991 coup against Gorbachev
D) Takeover of key Soviet energy and defense industries by Western powers

5. What exactly did they do once the bonds were floated?
Using various global intelligence assets, foreign banks and large international corporations with off-shore accounts (including Enron - but many others), they destroyed the Russian Ruble causing its value to plunge. They then bought oil, gas, steel and commodities exporters, major technological institutions and water, electric and agricultural firms within the Soviet Union. By buying up the infrastructure (energy and defense) and then selling off the assets, the economic viability of the Soviet Union was destroyed. Many of these undocumented funds were seized as a result of WWII, known as "Golden Lily" and the "Black Eagle Trust". These troves of gold would continue to fund trillions in black projects of all kinds throughout the world.

6. What were the 3 primary reasons for 9/11?
The first and foremost reason for the events of 9/11 was to conceal the identities of the hundreds of intelligence assets, international bankers, elected officials and international players involved in the demise of the Soviet Union and to prevent the exposure of a "National Security" event (the destruction of the Soviet Union). The second reason behind the events of 9/11 was to end for all time the ongoing investigations by numerous government and non-government organizations into these money laundering and gold market manipulations. The third reason behind 9/11 was to provide the cover to allow for vilification of Islam and for blame to be placed on Islamic Fundamentalists allowing for public opinion to support extended wars to acquire global petroleum and mining resources (not to mention allowing the NSA and CIA to tap into any and all of the world's electronics).

7. Were the 'hijacked' planes targeting specific locations?
Yes- each plane on 9/11 had specific targets, all of which were hit with great precision. There were 3 major securities brokers in the Twin Towers, Cantor Fitzgerald (largest in US), Eurobrokers, and Garbon Intercapital. Flight 11 hit the north tower right below the offices of Cantor Fitzgerald destroying all records of securities transactions. Cantor Fitzgerald was the primary target. Flight 175 hit the south tower below the offices of Eurobrokers and while this all took place, massive explosions were reported in the north tower under FBI offices on the 23rd floor and under Garbon Intercapital on the 25th floor - again destroying any and all securities records. Flight 77 hit the Pentagon targeting the Office Of Naval Intelligence (ONI) where investigators had been working for years on illegal international financial schemes based out of the offices of Cantor Fitzgerald, Eurobrokers and Garbon Intercapital. Flight 77 not only destroyed all records related to these investigations but also killed 39 of the 40 Naval Intelligence Investigators. The flight that crashed in Pennsylvania missed its target, building 7 - which clearly had to be pulled as part of this massive destruction of evidence. All certificates for US bonds and other securities were completely destroyed.

8. Since this was a murder, are there clues if we examine the fatalities?
Yes. 41% of the fatalities in the Twin Towers came from the two corporations that managed US government securities, Cantor Fitzgerald and Eurobrokers. 31% of the fatalities at the Pentagon were from the Naval Command Center that housed the office of Naval Intelligence where 39/40 investigators were killed.

9. How is this cover-up maintained?
The event was a "National Security" event. Anyone connected (including media or elected officials) is given the excuse that "National Security" is and was at stake and that's all that needs to be said in the eyes of the law. 9/11 hides the purposeful destruction of the Soviet economy, massive crimes both related and unrelated to that, and the need for a massive crime to cover up these massive crimes.

10. Who was involved?
We'll list the major players in no specific order. Please remember, the events of 9/11 were designed to cover up illegal global international financial activity by many people, both elected and non-elected, whose privileged lives were about to go up in smoke if not for 9/11, and been reduced to a life in prison:

George W. Bush • George HW Bush • Adnan Khashoggi • David Kimche • Larry Silverstein • Dick Cheney • Donald Rumsfeld • Colin Powell • Paul Wolfowitz • Richard Armitage • Condoleeza Rice • Alan Greenspan • Shiek Kamal Adham • Farhad Azima • Russell Herman • Khalid bin Mahfouz • Buzz Krongard • Mayo Shattuck • J Carter Beese Jr. • Edgar Bronfmann • Boris Yeltsin • Gregori Matyukhin • Leo Wanta (eventually tried to blow the whistle and was dealt with) • George Soros • Oliver North • Colonel Russell Hermann • Elements of the CIA • Elements of the Mossad • Elements of MI6 • The Russian/Israeli Mafia

These people referred to themselves as the "Vulcans." The covert operations conducted by the Vulcans involved - at a minimum - securities fraud, money laundering and violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. In a number of cases murder and false imprisonment (see Leo Wanta) seemed to be the mainstay of efforts to prevent any remorseful participants from going public with their stories. While accomplishing the objective - bringing about the demise of the Soviet Union - the scheme also seems to have lined the pockets of the individuals that executed the policies at US taxpayer expense.

Forces representing the interests of many countries including Saudi Arabia, Israel, German, Russian, and even the Swiss aided in carrying out the attacks - but at the end of the day, 9/11 was a wholly American event created by American interests to "secure the national security of America", or so they say.

For some individuals, it's simply not enough to be given a summary on something of such incredible scale - so we encourage you to read the data, history, and facts: the following in-depth summaries are fully supported with hundreds of credible and verifiable references and citations. Both reports can be downloaded as PDFs:

The 59 page summary of events: http://www.scribd.com/doc/24047569/4866520-Collateral-Damage-911-Covert-Ops-Funding-Targeted

The 381 page full synopsis: http://www.scribd.com/doc/16970135/September-11-Commission-Report-Revised-December-2008

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