You chose the red pill. If you are unfamiliar with this reference from The Matrix, the red pill represents the choice of knowledge, freedom, and the (sometimes painful) truth of reality. Most people understand that the human race is repeatedly lied to for reasons of control and profit - but few have discovered the depths of these lies, much less the truths behind them. You are one click away from many answers to many questions; approaching this information with an open mind is very important. Just remember: if you're here, your subconscious knows something isn't right about the world.

Don't take our word for anything along the way - that's why we provide dozens of links and references. Considering we aren't selling you anything, it sure would be an awful waste of time for us to meticulously fabricate and compile mountains of false information (especially when it happens to be independently verified by countless sources linked throughout). Trust your instincts, and stay vigilant!