the red pill

Throughout the many important events and times in history discussed here, there are literally millions of combined documents, witnesses, publications, whistleblowers, and scientific data pointing us in a consistent direction of truth. Without knowing the right questions however, it can be difficult knowing where to look. Here at OSTO, our mission is to spread this information far and wide by compiling a summary in one place - complete with sources, videos, and links so you can review the facts for yourself and make up your own mind. You owe it to yourself, and most of all you deserve to know the truth just as much as anyone else. In order to fully comprehend the realities of part three, starting at the beginning is highly recommended. Before you begin, commend yourself for taking the first step into a larger reality.



For most individuals, understanding how easy it was for multiple governments of the world to cover up hundreds of trillions in financial crimes via false flag operations is the first step to realizing how simple it is to manipulate mass perception. Despite obvious flaws throughout the official narrative, people often choose the comfort of their TV versus seeking the truth. Learn how and why 9/11 was carried out and the impact it has on today's events. Enter Part One


Throughout modern history, the tight-lipped secret of the elite is that pedophilia is the ultimate form of lifelong blackmail. It is estimated that roughly one third of the world's most influential and wealthy people are pedophiles themselves - while many of the rest are set up to be drugged and/or coerced into acts with minors in a filmed room, yielding evidence powerful enough to forever control the most righteous of people. Enter Part Two

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Learn about the global Secret Space Program (SSP) over 35 clearance levels above the POTUS. Technology exists to solve literally every problem the world faces, but it is purposefully withheld by elite societies as it would remove their collective vice grip over humanity. Discover the positive and negative roles extra terrestrials have played throughout our evolution, and how humanity is poised to benefit the universe. Enter Part Three