Horror Has A Name: FrazzleDrip

REMINDER: They don’t just eat kids. raw. there is nothing God Family Country American Patriots face more dangerous to our survival than this satanic scourge that has infested our species.

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Your CosmicGuy has known about this video for over 2 years now, originally reported through a channel that Corey Goode has access to. At the publishing time of this expose’ there has been the worst set of “falseflag” mass shootings to date. The release of more of this video is the real reason why. HRC and company are sending a message that they do not approve of this evidence being released for the world to witness. The stakes are high, but not as high as they are for our children caught up in this ghoulish satanic child sex and death cult. This is where you will get all the updates as they begin appearing.

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I don’t quite know how to present this subject with any dispassion or simple pragmatism for something that has existed and gone on in our crappy horrific human history that we know of for EVER. The more this investigative reporter uncovers, the more is covered underneath. This existence we all share on what is supposed to be a beautiful planet in a larger than we can imagine Universe of other beautiful planets just doesn’t seem to ring true for me anymore. This place is a Universal anomaly. The planet of all possibilities, for it would seem every conceivable horror that can be bestowed on one another has been thought up and done more times than anyone save, God will ever know. We humans seem capable of anything. From the most beautiful to the most ghastly. This evil death cult known as Satanism is behind all of the evil we experience as a species, and it seems to flourish here on Earth, for it has never been vanquished to the best I can tell from my research. It’s a yin yang thing where we vigilant light and love workers get lazy and not so vigilant and evil finds a dark crevice to begin it’s evil climb up the demon ladder, always the same rules, always the same terrible things done to our most innocent; our children. How can a Universe with beings supposedly eons beyond us in everything, not be eons beyond us in compassion and love and empathy for these little Earthlings, these younglings that can not defend themselves, can not cry out so that anyone might hear during their eternity of pain and suffering during these satanic rituals?

Satanic Rituals for what? What could be so important? Why all the ghoulish behavior, the terrible pain and suffering that their victims MUST endure? What is the end game to all this? Why is it necessary? What is achieved by these abominable rituals and who is really benefiting? These are the pragmatic questions one has to ask after one gets over what can not been unseen in the minds eye or the souls heart.


Live Long & Prosper

Adrenochrome is a bi-product of adrenalized blood. Many have heard the “tale” of the mother who picked up her car with one hand up off her son pinned under it, and dragged him out with the other hand. What CosmicGuy? This is fact. There are many examples of what super human abilities we can have when such trauma exists that our adrenal system does what it is designed to do: Get Us Out Of Trouble Fast.

Now, add to that life extension properties, or—-wait for it——-The Fountain Of Youth. It is not a pretend place or thing. It is the description of adrenochrome and its magical elixir properties. This is all about the philosophy of death. To the true card carrying satanic, there is nothing after this life; therefore eat and drink Mary, for tomorrow we die. This is a philosophy they take very seriously because they believe they can cheat death, not beat it. Cheating death is more fun because others suffer so that they might climb. This is not just about sex for the pedophile, this is about cheating death as a pedovore. Eat your way to a better life.


How Is He Still With Us?

Here is the link to the story. As someone who was raised in a ‘southern baptist” family, albeit short-lived thankfully because my parents didn’t like the hypocrisy rampant in it as with most organized religions, creations of these satanics to begin with, as diversions to keep us worried about our own salvation while they plunder our children like it was free. These satanics are very smart and have absolutely no compunction about torturing and murdering and serving our kids for dinner, they even make shoes and clothes out of the skins of their victims, it is a rite of passage. When you see those pictures of all those movie stars standing around laughing, all wearing red shoes? Those are their trophies. Little boys and girls suffered long and hard under the most horrific of tortures. Here is Frazzledrip details you can never unsee or forget.

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Huma on left holding power drill. HRC is holding girl down.



Or it will never go away. No passes.


update 8.6.2019

this is just the tip of the bloody iceberg

that is satanism