the five alliances:2018

intel from inside the secret space program / david wilcock

Amid the positive spike in disclosure over the last few years, existence of a "Secret Space Program" (SSP - also known as Solar Warden [2] [3]) over 35 clearance levels above the POTUS continues to be confirmed by an increasing number [1][2][3][4][5] of reputable, credentialed individuals. Small elite groups of wealthy influencers all around the world ensure the continued funding and suppression of the SSP, which explains frequent congressional anger over billions and trillions of dollars disappearing here and there...while media stands down every time. Unidentified objects and blue beings with feathers have been consistently represented in artwork, communications, and traditions throughout the ages - and in different parts of the world across competing generations. Are these ancient depictions evidence that Earth has been a central hub of extraterrestrials for centuries?

Among these whistleblowers and leaked documents, two-time NYT bestseller David Wilcock and SSP insider Corey Goode have been the first to be given a mainstream platform for discussing everything involved in the SSP and its impact on humanity throughout history and today. Cosmic Disclosure presents the public with the reality that aliens not only exist, but they have been on Earth working within our most covert operations for decades. Through seven ongoing seasons presenting thousands of vetted facts, documents, and interviews with multiple insiders, David plays devil's advocate as Corey relays his first-hand knowledge and experience. A testimate to their credibility, several episodes made well-informed predictions that indeed came true. We encourage you to be skeptical, and do your own research on what is discussed in each episode - you just might be surprised. If all of this sounds completely bat-shit crazy to you, we highly encourage you to take the Red Pill.

Cosmic disclosure • episode one • full stream: