Why Media Can't Tell the Truth-UPDATED

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> 6 Companies Control Your Perception
As demonstrated in Robin Williams' "Good Morning Vietnam", the information allowed to be reported as shown to journalists, anchors, and investigators is tightly censored and controlled from the top (especially the CIA). The government simply has to use the magic words "National Security" to justify redaction of facts on any scale. For example, one person or even a small handful of individuals in charge of a given media conglomerate will supply every department at CNN with a given narrative or set of filtered facts, and that is what will be reported regardless of the integrity of the journalists (because they simply won't be given the truth). Even if an honest reporter discovers facts that challenge the given narrative, these findings must be approved by management (ultimately the government) for public airing - those who push the envelope don't keep their jobs long, and won't get far with any attempts at telling the truth since these same media companies won't give them an audience. These six companies reveal a surprisingly small chain of command in place, allowing mass perception to be manipulated with ease. This concept is not unique to the United States however, as the same issues (often with even less people to control at the top) plague developed media across all countries.

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It matters not if this is a parody post, it is the truth behind the funny…..Do you understand now why, although the lunatic left are well, lunatics, they’re very highly organized? It takes money and power to keep cretins like this under a thumb. George Soros has made it his life’s mission to destroy everything America is supposed to stand for, and the people too. “God Family country American Patriots, you have been warned….

RT discusses the 6 corporations that control the entirety of mainstream media

> Mainstream Media Has Lost All Credibility
This isn't much of an issue though when it comes to ratings and profit, since U.S. courts decided the media can legally lie [wikipedia]. Five of the six media CEOs and/or VPs are even confirmed Bilderberg attendees, proving shared closed-door interests with the most influential leaders of the world. For anyone representing the U.S. to have off-record interactions with foreign entities is a direct violation of the Logan Act, often leading to prosecution for treason - conveniently, every government in the world turns a blind eye to the existence of the Bilderberg meetings, while even The Guardian maintains an entire news section on them. In attempt to psychologically thwart the realities of Pizzagate, media quickly retaliated with everyone's favorite new buzz phrase, "Fake News". Ironically, it has worked against them time after time as their poorly fabricated narratives continue to expose their agendas. Showing us the true originators of fake news, they have been repeatedly caught dressing kids up as victims, staging war scenes, (most recently, Aleppo boy) and even staging a protest. A senior producer at CNN was even filmed denouncing the fabricated Trump-Russia stories as purely for ratings, admitting the scandal has no real evidence or substance while laughing at the thought of journalistic ethics. None of this should be much of a surprise, considering it is publicly known that the CIA directly manipulated media for propaganda purposes (Operation Mockingbird). 
[50 times the CIA directly manipulated mass media] [Bilderberg Group - Full Synopsis] [Six Examples of Media Manipulation] [CNN Fake News Examples]

i leave this video link un-repaired to show a glaring example of censorship in america home of the free and the brave.

> A very curious example of media foreshadowing occurred throughout 1915 - 1938, continually citing a mysterious mass genocide of 6 million jews taking place - well before the holocaust actually happened. While we absolutely believe the holocaust happened, this evidence certainly implies that events surrounding WWII were planned long in advance and that the public was being conditioned to accept it. Interestingly enough, census data doesn't even support that there were 6 million jews in existence prior to WWII, nor does today's history cite any event other than the holocaust incurring such jewish casualties. As many are aware, the media following WWII universally reported jewish casualties from the holocaust as "roughly 6 million". The video on the left proves the "6 million" figure being repeatedly peddled in the years leading up to the holocaust via 10 physical newspapers from 1915 - 1938, which are additionally verifiable online in national newspaper archives. Why and how could the media report such atrocities before WWII, yet today's history does not acknowledge them in any way?


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Where is America’s White Hat George Soros?

To defeat your enemy, you first must come to grips with their existence; and then become twice as vicious.