progress & next steps

Active and up-to-date global progress on official busts and legal action involving human trafficking can be tracked here. With the recent regime change thanks to the unpredictable wildcard that is Donald Trump, regardless of his public facades the reality is that more pedophile busts have happened in the months since his inauguration than in the entire reported Obama presidency. This should be a national headlining story, but mainstream media remains oddly quiet. The day after the FBI seized Anthony Weiner's laptop, one of the largest recorded pedophile busts in history took place. In the same month, over 150,000 terabytes of child porn (the largest cache ever found) was seized in Norway which the NYT curiously reported, then deleted - coinciding directly with over 87% of Norway's donors to the Clinton Foundation severing ties.

> Department of Homeland Security acknowledges Pizzagate
In an encouraging nod to those investigating and paying attention to the evolving evidence surrounding Pizzagate and human trafficking in general, Donald Trump not only signed an executive order to "bring the full force of the U.S. government" to fight against human trafficking, but the DHS then released a very curious advertisement (left) to spread awareness on the issue. Featured in the video is a pizza shop, complete with a pedophile swirl logo on the shop's window and a pizza box stuck behind the "gate" of the shop's door. This awareness campaign was additionally syndicated in radio format across the country, encouraging citizens to report any suspected trafficking to the DHS.

> Multiple citizens investigations and white-hat law enforcement agents are contributing new evidence and leads every day in effort to stop these crimes and bring about public awareness. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently acknowledged these efforts in an address to the public, thanking citizens as the number one reason for the improved trafficking crackdown. The open-source investigation on Voat continues to maintain an active presence in the anti-trafficking community, while reference/compilation tools like PizzagateWiki assist those interested in learning more and contributing to the investigations. As the global elite power structures continue to shift, extremely high level arrests are to be expected, ultimately exposing decades of crimes against humanity.

> Noteworthy Legal Progress
True colors are showing as thousands of pedophiles continue to be brought to justice in swift succession, including those strategically placed within the justice system to cover up the problem. Arresting the right lower and mid-level personnel often results in powerful testimonies against those at the very top - for a global case of such massive scale, this is a tried and true approach. If you haven't noticed already, these arrests are indeed happening in droves all around the world - links included below. Elite Dutch banker Ronald Bernard bravely came forward in multiple interviews going into extreme detail about the horrific ritual abuse and child sacrifices he's had to witness, and even forced to be a part of. Furthermore, his unparalleled insight into elite banking and secret societies has shown him how these satanic blackmail rings ultimately run the world, as these same people hold all of the wealth and can manipulate economies on a whim. Ronald's testimonies are a huge step forward in regards to spreading awareness of the real issues to the masses.

> What can I do? Don't be afraid to let people know that child sex trafficking/pedophilia blackmail are our worlds true biggest issues. Although pizzagate was a key step towards bringing this to the forefront of mass consciousness, it has become clear that human trafficking is by no means an isolated issue to one pizza shop, or even one country. This is a worldwide crisis directly affecting the ascension of humanity as it results in controlled, limited political outcomes restricting the dissemination of ET knowledge and technological advances being made by elite efforts - such as the Secret Space Program.

arrests are happening:

750 arrested, 92 rescued in Superbowl Sex Trafficking Sting
• 474 arrested, 55 saved (28 children) in Hollywood sex ring bust
238 arrested including "major Hollywood players" in pedophile bust
178 arrested in Texas sex trafficking operation
• #3 Vatican official and Treasurer George Pell arrested on child abuse charges
Online child porn network of over 150,000 members busted
• Germany shuts down darknet child porn site with 87,000 members, makes arrests
Pedophile ring with over 70,000 members uncovered; arrests continuing
Massive pedophile ring (150 terabytes of evidence) in Norway busted
Celebrity architect repeatedly arrested, mayor DeBlasio employee arrested all on child porn related charges
Jerry Sandusky's son arrested & charged w/child sexual abuse (father's foundation rumored to pimp kids out to rich donors)
President Trump, AG Jeff Sessions zero in on elite pedophiles
• More arrests throughout Jan, Feb, March 2017
• More arrests throughout April 2017