Elite Banker Whistleblower

Ronald Bernard  is a Dutch banker and entrepreneur whose ambition and business connections quickly launched him into the stratosphere of the financial elite. Throughout his long tenure managing large hedge funds and personal accounts for some of the wealthiest entities in the world, Mr. Bernard takes us through the horrific crimes he has directly witnessed, including being forced to take part in murdering children - even infants. These blackmail rings influence so much of society from the top down, they really are the key to taking our planet back. Part one is featured on the left with english audio overdubbed. The original with subtitles can be viewed here.

> UPDATE • Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89ZuASiI7Go
In the second interview, Bernard explains how and why the ruling class are able to maintain this control while committing horrid crimes, and while extracting wealth from the citizens through unscrupulous and illegal means, all the while maintaining immunity from the law. They’re “like a bunch of vampires, that is what it is. In 20 years they already stole 100% of the real value. This is what caused the national debts to increase, you will see everywhere, with individuals, that those debts keep growing,” Bernard explains as he details our current situation.

“Then reports start showing up, like Oxfam Novib after a global research showed that 8 people own as much as half the people in the world. How is this possible?” he asks. “It’s not just speculation, it’s the interest rate that takes the real actual value and adds it to the capital at the top.”

He is correct, 8 people own more wealth than half the world - it is because the system they built is set up to funnel wealth upwards. These people robbing the masses with impunity is entirely possible, as Bernard explains, because they operate outside of normal laws and can thus manipulate economies on a whim.

> Promising a part 3, 4, and 5, this post will be updated as the remainder of Mr. Bernard's interviews are released.

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Here are many more videos with this individual. Keep in mind there will be a sufficient number of debunking videos as well. Do not believe them. This is real. Pedovores are real. 

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