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 Given the vast historic precedent for pedophile blackmail rings throughout government, today's coverup becomes that much more obvious. In order to grasp the full depths of this issue, it is important to understand that like many secret societies, pedophiles often communicate through symbolism - we highly recommend taking a look at these declassified FBI pictures containing known pedophile symbols, as many appear in the evidence below.

> But CNN told me Pizzagate is Fake News!
If you trace the origin of mainstream media pushing the term "fake news", it directly correlates with the inception of pizzagate. This is also shown by simply comparing the trends of people searching Google for "pizzagate" immediately before "fake news" was coined. Why did the media invent a new buzz-phrase and focus a highly unusual amount of resources on blindly protecting the reputation of a random pizza shop, even before any formal investigation took place? An official response to an FOIA request revealed that no investigation was conducted. How can websites like Snopes so confidently claim that this is all "debunked" and "false" when law enforcement has chosen (or been told) to stand down and not investigate? The FBI has since admitted to opening an investigation on pizzagate - multiple sources allude to the Anthony Weiner laptop adding a massive amount of evidence into the bigger picture.

> Spirit Cooking with the Podestas
Brothers John and Tony Podesta have a long history of high-level political involvement and direct relationships with the global elite. Tied directly to the top of whitehouse personnel for decades, John Podesta served as chief of staff to president Bill Clinton, Counselor to president Barack Obama, and most recently the campaign chairman for Hillary Clinton's presidential run. In a public display of shaming who Hillary felt was to blame for her loss, she sent Podesta out to concede to her devastated home crowd the night of the 2016 election. Why? Because John Podesta's emails had been recently hacked and then published via Wikileaks, which happened to contain stunning revelations leading directly back to international pedophile rings. The tip of the iceberg begins with emails showing that the Podesta brothers attend "spirit cooking" sessions (involving self-inflicted knife wounds and writing with blood) hosted by an artist with seemingly endless celebrity clientele, Marina Abramovic. Known for running elite gatherings involving displays of blood sacrifice and cannibalism, 70-year old Marina herself admits in a verified Reddit AMA interview that when her services are conducted in a private house, "it is not art". As for John Podesta's taste in art, the pictures hanging in his house are far from normal. Tony on the other hand, even told The Guardian about his underground art room for "difficult to display" pieces:

    - They are known for purchasing "awkward" works, such as video installations, that many other private collectors will not consider. "It's easy to store them, but difficult to display them," says Podesta. To get round the problem, he and his wife have excavated a huge subterranean vault beneath their house outside Washington - a white space 5m square and 4m high in which it will be possible to show "very complicated video pieces" on all four walls.

> Strange Pizza References match known Pedophile Code
Pedophiles seeking illegal content have often utilized food related codewords to communicate what they're looking for - most commonly, it has been long known in the dark web communities that "cheese pizza" refers directly to "child pornography". Even law enforcement recognizes pizza code amongst pedophiles, as shown in screenshots (look for "cache of cheese pizza") of an informational brochure on the Arizona State website for Human Trafficking. When reviewing John & Tony Podestas leaked emails, some very curious communications arise: 

As it would turn out, "handkerchief code" is a real thing in the sex world and especially corresponds in context when referring to one as a "pizza-related map". If you want the not-so-pleasant truth to what that means, you only have to refer to abuse culture and Podesta's art. [full handkerchief timeline] The other email above speaks for itself without the need for code words, blatantly confirming to poolside delivery of kids aged 7, 9, and 11 for "entertainment" purposes. Further investigations revealed that the grandparents of 7 year old "Maeve Luzzatto" had been running an unusual online blog offering "raw & uncut" footage of her. Podesta has continued to be good friends with known and admitted pedophiliacs such as Dennis Hastert - popular journalist and founder of Breitbart News Network Andrew Breitbart famously asked why John Podesta wasn't a household name as a "world class underage sex slave op" and "cover-upper of unspeakable dreggs", shortly before he died. The tweet is most likely in response the the ACORN scandal where Planned Parenthood was found to be aiding in underage prostitution as found by an undercover investigator recording. Podesta was conveniently appointed to investigate the scandal.

Pedophile code words throughout hacked emails

Pedophile code words throughout hacked emails

The emails go on and on - out of 2,060 total emails in the first Podesta collection, there are 149 instances of “pizza”73 of hot dog85 of cheese78 of pasta41 of sauce84 of ice cream and 47 of walnut. The word “map,” which can refer to a telltale clue that could destroy the entire crime ring if left behind, such as through DNA evidence (i.e. handkerchief), appears 917 times - almost half of all the emails. These words often appear in very, very bizarre contexts that have nothing to do with food. That is one key element of pizzagate. The term “pizza” itself appears to be code for a sexual partner, particularly if it is a minor, and again appears 149 times. Although “walnut” appears 47 times in very strange ways, the equally popular nut “cashew” doesn’t appear even once. This is most likely because “walnut” is a code word and “cashew” is not. An innocuous, non-code-word junk food like "French fries” only appears 13 times. "Milkshake” only appears six times. "Vegetable” only appears 24 times. "Pear” only appears 25 times. "Grape" only appears six times. "Avocado” only appears four times. "Strawberry” only appears twice. None of these are code words, as also made clear by the differences in context if you do the reading.

Odd pizza references surface in Stratfor emails [click to zoom]

> Stratfor • NAMBLA • Pizza
Lets take a look at some high-level email intel other than John Podesta's. Known as the "Shadow CIA", Stratfor bills itself as a "geopolitical intelligence platform" who has shared hundreds of millions of dollars in (known) contracts with the United States, and has directly advised the POTUS and CIA throughout several administrations. Years before pizzagate was a thing, Stratfor's emails were hacked and happened to reveal incredibly damning communications amongst board members - yet nobody is taking notice until now. One email reads, "Posey, last I heard you were fondling boys south of the border....are you back from your NAMBLA convention?". If you aren't familiar with NAMBLA, it stands for "North American Man/Boy Love Association", and they are a real organization that exists solely to promote and lobby for pedophilia acceptance. This email references sexual slang "squirrel punching" followed by membership discussion and offering, "Let us know if you want us to sign him up as a NAMBLA member". Where pizza is concerned, this email [left] shows board members discussing how "thinly to slice" one single piece of pizza amongst four people. In what realistic food context would that make sense? The same email chain further jokes about the emails combusting in 30 seconds, following references to the Jim Jones cult/mind control tragedy in relation to the event.

"Goddaughter" of Comet Ping Pong Pizza owner James Alefantis

> Clinton, Obama Fundraisers @ Comet Ping Pong
A frequent location for plenty of wealthy elites, the unassuming "family friendly" dive Comet Ping Pong Pizza is owned by one of GQ's "most powerful people in Washington", James Alefantis (sharing the list with Tony Podesta). Why Alefantis is regarded as such is a mystery - even including recurring visits to the White House, it is truly unusual for a small pizza shop owner to be so involved in elite social circles. Hillary Clinton even personally thanked James for his participation in one of her fundraisers. Comet received payments of over $20k from American Bridge 21st Century PAC, a primary funder of which is billionaire Clinton-backer George Soros - payments can be seen herehere, and here. Obama even had phone banks stored at Comet Pizza [2] while campaigning in 2012.

A brief overview of James Alefantis's public Instagram before it went private on 11/7/16 shows unusual pictures such as a child taped to a ping pong table (and in a "pizza slut" shirt), joking about a kill roomcalling a baby a hotard, a baby picture with a chicken lover comment, a child with money in their mouth, a baby doll for sale with comments saying it’s overpriced - plus other images portraying pizza in a sexual way. Alefantis also posted a picture of Podesta’s arch of hysteria sculpture (a Jeffrey Dahmer murder trademark) from when he visited his house, a picture of satan, and the spirit cooking queen herself (Marina Abramovic). If that wasn't enough, James's Instagram profile picture has also always been a sculpture of Antinous, a symbol of erotic love for adolescent boys. Since District Justice Chief "Arun Rao" is involved in convicting pedophiles, why is he spending his time routinely 'liking' pictures of children on James's Instagram?

The restaurant itself showcases very disturbing artwork with paintings of children with their heads cut off[2] including a painting of a guy playing ping pong while ejaculating on the table in their bathroom. Comet Ping Pong's recurring friend for entertainment "Majestic Ape" (of creepy band Heavy Breathing) is an artist with provocative music and artwork involving both children and sex, often joking of pedophilia in captions for their music videos. When giving a talk to her audience about preferences of an employee, someone shouts "children and little boys" in which she responds "I think that was the manager, we all have our preferences". In another video, Majestic Ape jokes about killing babies.

While their menu has since been updated, a clever take on the butterfly pedophile symbol was evident in crossed ping pong paddles spelling out "Play Eat Drink" (PED). The website for Comet Ping Pong had a curious members-only encrypted area, with seemingly no way to join or sign-up. Hackers allegedly broke into the files hosted on the back-end of the website and found an incredibly disturbing "pizza menu" - while there are no images, the context and language used such as "4 surviving pizzas from last month"... "priced at $1000." are graphic thoughts in themselves.

In a magazine interview, Alefantis name drops a very obscure, run-down ping pong joint in Berlin known as "Dr. Pong", which is literally a single, dirty warehouse room with one ping pong table (as many reviewers acknowledge). The graffiti on the entrance to Dr. Pong even dons a common pedophile symbol. Is this another supply location for those in-the-know? If your stomach can take it, here is the sexual definition of ping pong. Among the email leaks, Alefantis is found telling Tony Podesta "do not forward" with an attachment of a pizza slice designed into Hillary's campaign logo complete with Comet Ping Pong’s name.

If we look at Comet's neighboring businesses, Besta Pizza is in immediate proximity - their logo? The Boylover symbol. Once Comet started catching serious flak from the public thanks to Wikileaks and Alefantis's Instagram, Besta Pizza attracted the same attention with their logo. Though they immediately redesigned the logo to omit the triangle upon public scrutiny, their original storefront is still available via Google streetview. The real kicker? The registered agent for Besta Pizza happens to be Andrew Kline of the human trafficking prosecution unit of the DOJ - a position he was appointed to by none other than Bill Clinton.

> Unusually Relentless Media Denial, But No Investigation
The Washington D.C. Metro Police Department claimed it "investigated Pizzagate" and concluded the allegations are false. Exposing the department in a direct lie, a response to an FOIA request revealed that no investigation was conducted. Therefore, the position of the D.C. Metro Police must be based on (1) the dishonest media coverage of Pizzagate, (2) willful complicity in the coverup, or (3) some combination of both. Despite U.S. government admission that a formal investigation has not been conducted regarding Comet Ping Pong's alleged involvement in a pedophile ring, outlets like Wikipedia and Snopes have definitively declared the matter a "debunked conspiracy theory" - siding with the rest of mainstream media's baseless narrative, while demoralizing those in search of truth. If basic logic is taken into consideration, no given theory can possibly be "debunked" or "disproven" if no investigation has taken place. 

One of the only mainstream journalists to cover pizzagate from an unbiased, truth-seeking perspective, CBS news anchor Benn Swann discussed it in this segment of "Reality Check" and then mysteriously went dark, including shutting down his social media accounts and disappearing from the news spotlight.

The systemic retaliation is all over - even bot accounts baselessly denying pizzagate have been discovered on Twitter. Interestingly, a Twitter user was able to find a massive child porn ring within Twitter - and when they and other whistleblowers tried bringing attention to it to shut it down, they were banned while the pedophile ring remained. Not long after, pizzagate investigations on Reddit were shut down as they famously banned the pizzagate sub

Pizzagate researcher Ryan O'Neal posted a YouTube video in which he claims James Alefantis threatened his life and the lives of his family to bully O'Neal into removing a revealing video about James's "Pegasus Museum" from YouTube. O'Neal presented text messages appearing to be from Alefantis bullying him into initiating a phone conversation. O'Neal claims that when he called, Alefantis immediately began screaming at him and threatening him and his family - O'Neal filed a police report over the alleged threats. Showing no boundaries, Alefantis was even able to strong-arm Alex Jones into publicly apologizing for pizzagate related coverage.

> How could it be that this random pizza shop owner is so well known amongst high society, and even handed primetime "media protection" via a FOX interview with Megyn Kelly plus a primary feature in a 60 Minutes episode all about "fake news"? Both interviews with Alefantis lacked any real questioning regarding the public's charges against him, and were clearly poised to paint him as the victim in an innocent light. The answer to this massive cover-up may lie within James's lineage - it would appear that he is perhaps directly related, or at least closely associated with the wealthiest and most influential dynasty in the world - the Rothschild family. Not only do Wikileaks emails place James Alefantis, David Brock (James's longtime boyfriend & founder of Media Matters), and John Podesta at a Rothschild home at the same party[1][2], but one of James's voter registrations lists an address owned by both David Brock and the Rothschild family. Finally, a side-by-side comparison reveals curious similarities between James and Philippine De Rothschild (known for sporting satanic jewelry, note her Baphomet necklace).

> Clinton Foundation & Human Trafficking
An anonymous FBI agent with a credible track record alleged that the Clinton Foundation is a front for human trafficking, including child sex trafficking. He told everyone to "Dig deep and you will find it. It's sickening." Summaries of the leaker's claims can be found here: [Part 1Part 2Part 3] ...The world has been digging, and seems to be finding it all over: 

Bill Clinton is known to have flown multiple times on the "Lolita Express" of disgraced billionaire pedophile Jeffery Epstein to visit Epstein's private "pedophile island," Little St. James. Bill Clinton even ditched the Secret Service to make these trips, and Hillary Clinton also joined him on occasion. Interestingly, Jeffrey Epstein claimed to be a co-founder of the Clinton Foundation. Hillary was sent email updates on the prosecution of Laura Silsby, who was caught trafficking children in Haiti. Laura Silsby got off the hook thanks to Jorge Puello, who was later convicted of sex trafficking, and was wanted on charges of sex trafficking in four countries.[2] Izette Folger, a close friend of James Alefantis, gave a statement in support of Silsby. Folger is the daughter of Michael Maccoby, who coaches leaders of Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos, or NPH, a large organization that runs orphanages all over the world. - and his son, Max Maccoby, is on the Boards of Directors of an NPH orphanage called Friends of the Orphans which is one of 760 orphanages operating in Haiti... which happens to be the orphanage from which Silsby was caught trafficking children. Max Maccoby gave an emphatic and lengthy statement of support for Comet Ping Pong during a contentious neighborhood commission meeting. The relevant portion of the audio file starts at 31:40. To top it all off, short-lived Clinton Foundation CEO Eric Braverman noticed inconsistencies and issues with company finances, tried to change the culture, and promptly quit.

Hillary's ethical history is questionable in the least, considering she defended a convicted rapist and laughed at the victim, not to mention protecting foreign criminals in the business of buying/selling baby parts from Planned Parenthood. References to Moloch (the god of child sacrifice) and sacrifices of chickens were found in the Wikileaks emails of the DNC staff to Hillary. Not surprising, as Bill Clinton wrote how he was fascinated with voodoo magic in his book. The Clintons, however, are just one piece of a global elite puzzle.

NBC News even reported Hillary Clinton was involved in halting investigations into a pedophile ring while at the state department. Why is someone with these continued allegations and close convicted business partners allowed to remain in such high public office (and even run for President) without consequences or at least realistic media scrutiny? By comparison,  Joe Paterno's lifelong reputation of upstanding honor and loyalty was ripped apart by the media immediately following allegations he reported child abuse, but should have gone further...who defines this double standard, and why aren't the people who run the country held to maximum accountability for these acts?

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