a brief history of elite pedophilia

The United States reports roughly 16,000 murders and 90,000 rapes annually - but this pales in comparison to the over 800,000 missing children reported each year. With millions of (known) children going missing around the world every year, one tends to wonder why nobody ever talks about the literal holocaust of children happening day to day. Is it really possible that elite pedophile/blackmail rings could exercise uncontested control over how the world is run?

> Discovery Channel Documentary
Did you know that in 1994, the Discovery Channel created a documentary "The Conspiracy of Silence" to show the public that pedophilia is rampant in our government? Probably not, because upon completion it was immediately banned and never aired. In fact, the documentary goes as far as detailing cases where government pedophiles were caught, but only the victims are punished and arrested.

> Pedophile Blackmail = Ultimate Control
While actual child abusers do indeed plague key elements of our world's governments, many non-offenders of influence and wealth are easily blackmailed into a life of control. For starters, the CIA has a long history of illegally experimenting on humans of all ages with mind control (i.e. repetitive programming & conditioning) and sexual abuse - as documented by Operation Midnight Climax, the U.S. government conducted years of research on the use of drugging unconsenting targets in filmed rooms with prostitutes for sexual blackmail. The ultimate form of control, releasing evidence of pedophilia will forever ruin any individual's career and reputation. This is often accomplished by coercing an inebriated person into sexual acts with someone who appears to be of-age, but is in actuality a minor - these acts are of course filmed unbeknownst to the subject. NSA whistleblower Russ Tice revealed serious blackmail of government officials years ago. [1] [2]

> Hollywood Pedophile Rings
Yet again, long standing evidence exists to show the prevalence of pedophile control even at the top of the entertainment industry. Among the outspoken actors who have publicly come forward about this issue include Corey Feldman and Elijah Wood, proclaiming it is by far the biggest problem facing Hollywood. The 2014 documentary "An Open Secret" [video link] was released to specifically expose the underage abuse taking place amongst Hollywood's elite. Director Stanley Kubrick mysteriously died a mere 6 days after showing his final cut of "Eyes Wide Shut" to Warner producers - a film showing the realities of satanic ritual abuse and masked illuminati orgies. Interestingly enough, Los Angeles Sheriffs have donned a badge clearly containing the "boylove" pedophile logo throughout its design since 1938

> Head of FBI (Los Angeles) Blows the Whistle
One of the most decorated men to ever serve the FBI, throughout his career Ted Gunderson headed the Los Angeles, Memphis, and Dallas FBI offices. The depth of these child trafficking crimes shook him to his core when emotionally and publicly addressing the prevalence of satanic child abuse and related blackmail rings in 1995 [right]. Even exposing the involvement of elite illuminati societies, Gunderson believes that these child abuse rings are the single largest problem facing our world. Upon retirement, he dedicated his life to investigating this very crisis resulting in a thorough compilation of hundreds of files on cover-ups, victims, offenders, and organizations in place to facilitate this global atrocity.

> Massive Cover-Ups Throughout History
In 2011, Anderson Cooper via CNN broke a story where over 5,000 government officials and military personnel directly connected to the Pentagon were under investigation for child pornography. Despite the extreme severity of the case, nobody has heard about it since. Knighted by the Queen of England and considered a superstar in the UK, Jimmy Savile was one of the world's most notorious pedophiles - heavily involved in child trafficking for the elite, Jimmy was also into necrophilia (sex with dead bodies). Many people spoke out about him but to no avail, as it wasn't until after his death that everything was allowed to come to light. The Hampstead Case details a wealthy town in the UK producing child abuse videos at multiple locations including schools and churches - members of those involved included school staff, parents, a priest, and others who facilitated the filming and selling of these movies all around the world. Attesting to babies being sexually abused, tortured, and even murdered in these videos, actor Ricky Dearman's children spoke out on camera about witnessing these acts and even being forced by their father to participate themselves. Curiously, the children also acknowledge the involvement of Pizza Express chains supplying children and facilitating transactions. Despite mounting evidence and an expert on child abuse concluding that the Dearman children were sexually abused, media continued to label the matter a hoax. FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds revealed that the FBI has inexplicably failed to take action on house speaker and serial child molester Dennis Hastert, citing the FBI's extensive video evidence of him raping kids for over 10 years. Despite a history of offenses with multiple victims, known hush-money scandals, and lying to the FBI, Dennis has served no more than 15 months in prison as cover-ups continue. Well-known billionaire pedophile and owner of "orgy island" Jeffrey Epstein continues to fade in and out of the media spotlight for his hundreds of sexual abuse convictions, but never sees much in the way of consequences thanks to his endless funds for out-of-court settlements. A popular location for this activity amongst the elite, Epstein is known to traffic multiple young girls ages 12-16 via his private jet to the island every day for himself and his clientele, including but not limited to Bill and Hillary Clinton. The Franklin Coverup is yet another example of well-placed prosecutors, law enforcement, and media collusion working to cover up satanic ritual child abuse and cannibalism connected to elite societies. Finally, let us not forget the historically vast complicity of the Catholic Church all the way up to the Vatican in these crimes. The cover-up of this scandal was portrayed on screen in the award-winning film "Spotlight".

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