Military Telepath Reveals All

> Sergeant Clifford Stone is perhaps one of the most intense witnesses in the disclosure process currently unfolding before us. Clifford has gone public to relay incidents from his years of service with the U.S. Army where he served as an intuitive empath charged with making contact with extraterrestrial beings. It began in early childhood with an interest in UFOs and telepathic contact with otherworldly beings and grew as members of the military caught wind of his abilities. Among the many interviews, testimonies, and seminars he's given, the video embedded in this article gives great insight into Clifford's story.

If you watch Cosmic Disclosure, David and Corey feature Sergeant Stone in episodes 13, 14, and 15 of season 5 (transcripts linked via while providing great surrounding dialogue. Having first-hand experiences interacting with extraterrestrials, Clifford gets emotional describing his telepathic conversations with ET captives, and the struggle of whether to do his job or let them free. Recalling one of these experiences, Clifford could even feel the ET's fear

"And as soon as I went in, he looked up at me. And when he looked up at me, you know, no one else could hear what . . . Just like I say, I can hear it like you and I talking, but I can also feel it. He said, “I am afraid.” And I could feel the fear, and I could also see, you know, his concern about his seeing his family again."