guy e. partin “cosmicguy” webmaster, editor, investigative reporter.

Greetings fellow ISBE’s and welcome to OSTO world. It is the day before 2019.7.1 and I am busy updating and re-designing the site because OSTO is two years old now and it’s time to coalesce the old into an “Red Pill Archive Section” and expand to allow for new things coming….

Here’s some direct links to my personal content while I am working on the new OSTO.SPACE - Of Service To Others, not just a slick sales speel. OSTO sells no widgets or services here.

-DisclosuReport in 5 -Original Songs of Disclosure

-DisclosuRadio 24/7 (fully integrated into the top of all pages)

-Truth Through Parody -Meet CosmicGuy

——-cosmic sage ——-cosmic rage

——-fearless into the future archives (short audio segments)

——-disclosure in the desert shows 2018 (over 100 hour long shows)

——-disclosure in the desert shows 2017 (over 100 hour long shows)

——-cosmic index page