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“footprint of god” - raw data

Welcome to OSTO’s world. Your CosmicGuy was contacted via this sites email form. This is what I received to begin the adventure.

cosmicguy visits the “foot print”

This “foot print” or “sandal print” to be exact, is 11 football fields long and over 3 football fields wide and can be seen from low orbit.

mind blowing evidence of connection?

There were many aspects of this research that got my attention, but it was a quick scene out of the end of this movie that got me hooked.


The hardest part of this FREE concept is remembering to click on  My Amazon  before you goto Your Amazon. Simple. It will take time. np.

The hardest part of this FREE concept is remembering to click on My Amazon before you goto Your Amazon. Simple. It will take time. np.

“Beings that can not protect their children are doomed to, and deserve extinction.” - CosmicGuy

My OSTO twitter account was TERMINATED because I dared to post INFORMATION ABOUT THIS. We live in the United States of America, and my freedom of speech was violated and no one cared? Why? Because “we the people” have been pre-programmed to sweep this horror show under any rug, diversion, falseflag attacks, endless political in-fighting and contrived stalemates provided.

Recently America had a birthday. When will we, as God Family Country American Patriots say to unWashington and the world that we have had enough of this?

Until my last breath, and my last dime I will continue to do whatever I can to fight this evil. If you want to help me without giving me any of your hard earned money, click HERE next time you are going to shop at amazon. It costs you nothing. All commissions go to my; our mission.

Here is an update page for the human trafficking arrests & progress.

Here is a page with information concerning the term “ascension” that is spoken of quite a lot now in the Disclosure community.


new enlightenment for 2019.7

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Like all truth , when if just won’t go away there’s usually something to it. I will cover the spectrum from the perspective of living in an existence that keeps changing (Mandella Effect) because too many ET’s know how to manipulate “our” outcome.

BREAKAWAY HUMAN CIVilIZATIONS below and above our earthly plane.

Find out just how populated our Galaxy AND the Universe is with us pesky unpredictable humans which is why you and I are not invited to the party. Thereby we shall crash it together. Are you in?

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If you have been paying attention to poor saps like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson, you would know they have been falling all over one another to be the first to the “Red Planet”…Problem:? We have been there along with ‘others’ we do business with for quite some time now. Find out why we're “going there” in the public eye now.

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