what on earth is this place?

With countless resources available on the Internet, the truth is everywhere - if you know where to look. The OSTO.SPACE exists to guide you through the endless fog of disinformation fed to humanity throughout known history. Our purpose is to summarize and compile the more important truths in one place with plenty of independent citations so you can research and verify the facts for yourself. Humanity is undergoing an "awakening" or "ascension" as also indicated by the global power shift taking place: the quicker we focus our energies on positivism and resolution, the better everyone's outcome - and we believe this journey begins with knowledge.

who are your sources?

Our "Red Pill" section is highly sourced and cited throughout; almost every link within has many more sources at the bottom of the linked interview, news report, video, document, or study we're referencing. While generally well sourced, articles and broadcasts produced by authors/hosts represent the sole opinions of those contributors. Always do your research if you have doubts - but at the end of the day, the truth is the truth, regardless of who wrote it. Please submit any sourcing/citation corrections here.


who is the osto network?

The OSTO.SPACE is made up of a team of individuals from all walks of life, all over the globe, working towards a common mission: to bring about awareness, knowledge, and enlightenment to humankind. If you are interested in contributing to this shared cause in any way, we encourage you to reach out here and join us!

can I contribute?

We welcome anyone and everyone with a passion for disclosure and public awareness to reach out. We are especially in need of article contributors to our #Disclosure and #HealthyLiving sections. If you have radio/podcast experience and are interested in guest-hosting or have an idea for a show, let us know!

how does osto make money?

First and foremost, we are not here to make money - we believe everyone is entitled to this information for free, and that not charging is the best way to get the information out there. OSTO.SPACE began thanks to contributions from our founders and volunteer staff - but continues to function thanks to generous donations from our visitors and listeners. This is entirely up to you and not required to enjoy this site or our sister site, www.disclosureport.com - this site is more a portal of disclosure with over 500 links. You will note, no ads on this site either.