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Dis·clo·sure | disˈklōZHər (noun):  the action of making new or secret information known.

Thanks to freedom of information via the Internet, access to the full extent of our species' knowledge has transcended the limits of controlled media. Now more than ever, whistleblowers from all corners of society are coming forward with groundbreaking truths exposing the power structures in place. The drama of public politics is unfortunately an illusion; a grand distraction from the reality that humans have been interacting with extraterrestrials for decades. With continued confirmation of the global Secret Space Program (SSP) classified over 35 levels above the President of the United States, many mainstream agendas begin to unravel. Here at OSTO, we believe that freedom of information is key to achieving humanity's natural and universal goal of a peaceful co-existence. In addition to live radio broadcasts every night, articles from our sources and contributors aim to provide the necessary insight into the current global climate. For those having difficulty comprehending how alien interactions could remain hidden from mainstream public knowledge, we encourage you to treat yourself to the Red Pill.

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