Museum Of The Hard To Believe

Empathy Is Gone Dept: 50 People Filmed This Young Man Dying…for their social media followers.

Terror Attacks Are Planned Out Every Day In America

Not Politics As Usual Dept:

Mad Maxine Helps Herself & Her Husbands Bank

Another Lifer Politician Popped For Child Sex Crimes.

A Little Euthanasia With Your Coffee?

Ed Buck Yer F*cked

Closed Down Walmarts: Being Converted Into F.E.M.A. Camps Now? Vast Network Of Underground Tunnels Under Many Walmarts?

Dog Eating Still O.K. in U.K.

much more…all the headlines you missed too.

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Artificial Intelligence Watch

Will Your Uploaded Mind Still Be “You?”

Ex Machina: Religions Around the World Introduce Robotic ‘Priests’

A mechanical ‘priest’ has recently begun conducting Buddhist prayers in Japan

Meet Sophia The Female Robot Citizen of Saudi Arabia, Where They Treat Their Human Women Like Dogs.

Elon Musk Project to Replace The Human Brain With A Computer Chip Gets $1 Billion From MicroSatan

Robot God For Robots? Who’s Praying To Whom/What?

Short Film “Wire Cutters” Gives Peek Inside The Mind Of Future Robots.

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News IN & OFF World

QAnon reveals Vatican Rothschild Reptilian Connection behind the Deep State

David Icke Classic INTEL DUMP: Reptilians You Wish Would Go Away.

The Saurians From Orion

Legacy INTEL: The Annunaki / The Chitauri / Draconians / Demons.

Galactic Human Slave Trade & AI threat to End with Full Disclosure of ET Life


The "Planetary Corporation" Specializes In Combining Cybernetic Technology With Human Body Parts,...

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