Super Soldiers Are Real And Fighting For Us In Space.

interestingly enough the unreality of our radio, television and movies has been our truth all along.

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“Campy” 80’s Movie “Universal Soldier

Jean Claude Van Dam & Dolph Lundgren starred in this movie that spawned a plethora of even cheesier sequels. The core of the movie was chemical enhancement, not only improve performance in battle, but to remove things like pain receptors and emotions of fear or empathy….oops CosmicGuy I didn’t think about “those” kind of enhancements when I thought, “super soldier”. Good people don’t. There was also re-animation of the dead and the appearance of creating zombie-soldiers capable of killing any enemy foreign or domestic or friendly citizens. (hint)


Future Is Now


even the cosmicguy gets v-8 moments

One of the many joys I had helping raise my son was our time together playing video and computer games. It started with the Sega-Genesis and Nintendo’s and too many computer/PC based games to name here,…at one point I have installed a Windows NT network in our house and the real fun began for now we could play against each other in real time without the drag-ass of the, then; slower than molasses in Winter time modems connecting all to the Internet. This would have been from early 90’s into the 2000’s. I had my son on computers when he was 3. :) His First game: DOS-based Missile Command but I digress from the subject matter.

There came a time where I wasn’t playing against him much anymore and just sitting and watching him play. He had gotten much better than I and I found our time more productive when he could just log onto the Internet and play against his on-line friends who could give him a game. Than gaming began to exponentially get more realistic. ENTER: HALO / Master Chief / Super Soldier of Earth.

this is the first demo release november 2001

this is the 2018 version for comparison

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The series centers on an interstellar war between humanity ad an alliance of aliens known as the Covenant. :c)

Ok CosmicGuy where in the wide world of sports are you going with this? I came here to learn about our “real-life” Super Soldier Program!

our super soldiers of today were halo players when they were kids

I am generalizing in using “Halo” as the example, to clarify it is about the elevated hand to eye coordination, the ability to focus on multiple things at the same time - heads up display - complete immersion into alien worlds and combat situations as well as co-existing. If you want Super Soldiers in Space,

advertise in the movies and tv and video games. Works every time it’s tried.

i am only speaking of the faction of civilians that go into the military innocent enough and find they

pre-qualify for something extra.

disclaimer: many of the Super Soldiers you meet here did not have childhoods. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT.

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Super Soldier Tech

In the “It’s Unfortunate” Dept: Most of this technology is developed to fight a better war. There HAS to finally be some Yin / Yang Universe here; at least give us poor sap humans footing the bill for all this some benefits from it.

time to go much further down this fascinating rabbit hole

Penny Bradley shares her 20 year and back Secret Space Program experiences in the Martian militia, Nacht Waffen as a pilot on the Valkyrie, Montauk Project, Life on Mars, Regen Tanks, Mars Net, Smart Suits, cyborg prisoners, space life forms, remember codes, this and much more.

You need to listen carefully to her describe the MK-ULTRA programming methods-sound familiar?
-all this is connected-

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Dark Fleet

…sounds like sci-fi don’t it? yeah - that’s why yer not supposed to believe it. diabolical….the Truth Can Not Be Buried Forever.

now: one of those civilians recruited into our secret space programs

emery smith

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this man needs our help. learn what it is he knows. humanity is in the balance.

“It’s not just about UFO’s LazerBlasters and Pretty SpaceGirls.
— CosmicGuy