Welcome to my personal favorite subject. The origin of the biological computer suits designed to house our all-seeing all-knowing Universally conscious Immortal Spiritual BEing souls of energy & light. Perhaps you will come to a similar conclusion as myself, once I present my case:

Our bodies are not OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) They were designed after the fact. It stands to reason that if one is an Immortal Being, there is nothing before. Only after. Whenever or or whatever that “before” was, is-will be (how’s that for non-linear thinking) I have yet to come across that INTEL. What I have come across is a core truth that I offer to you beyond all other explanations you have ever heard or have been indoctrinated by a religion to believe; not believe, or have been confused by a conventional human science book to comprehend. If you have come to this site in the past and were curious enough to click on any links I had for the book “Alien Interview” then you will already know my main source of INTEL that I believe to be the truth of our existence leading up to the linear here and now. First and foremost as I try to point out in other sections of the site I don’t expect a lot of you to ever take me serious, but it’s a win if I simply make you curious. the other thing you will know about the CosmicGuy is that I use our own books, movies and television content to ‘connect the dots’ as “The IckeMan” likes to call it. I build my case based on the truth that lies behind what you see on the screen or hear in the dialog at first listen. I will also connect all of this to our present day crisis with the “deep state” or it’s true name globally, “satanism”. So with that said, I will start with a brief education on a place called Botany Bay in New South Wales and off the coast of Australia.

The penal colonies in New South Wales during the eighteenth century pushed the boundaries of lawlessness within punishment. In 1785, after the American Revolution abolished shipments of convicts to North American colonies, the British House of Commons discovered Botany Bay as an opportunistic settlement to enable the continuation of utilizing exile as legal punishment. They planned to ship convicts to the island to manage crops and livestock, govern themselves, only to be checked in on occasionally. The legality of Botany Bay was a logistical nightmare, as the convicts were barred from serving on a jury, thus any criminal trials occurring on the island were operating under an improvised system. This colony exemplifies one of several penal colonies that operated entirely outside of legal bounds, taking the law into their own hands, and often treating convicts as slaves.” - from ReSource#1

Basically they stuck all their criminals and ‘undesirables’ on an island and marooned them there, not only for their own lives, but for a brief period after, even their offspring were considered criminals and undesirables by relation. It was just that damned bad. So why am I pointing this out? You are going to learn that you are the original criminal and or undesirable AND any offspring and relations and iterations of your ISBE self that have existed before who and what you are as you read this. The “Keepers” of this Earthly prison have been many as management changes occur from time to time due to ET’s battling one another to own/enslave/exploit us with it. The problem with an eternal prison that keeps you oblivious to its existence becomes two-fold. While the vast majority of the human inhabitants on this Earth are oblivious, the good the bad and ugly ET’s out there know all about this place, and used to have to leave it alone. It was quarantined, and off limits for eons….but eons are still a finite measurement of time in this reality so as those eons passed, and some really smart ET’s came along and although they figured out how to control this technology which keeps us imprisoned here (and I mean strictly our ISBE selves our Souls/Spirits if you prefer) they still could not defeat it. It seems it simply can not be turned off like a light switch. It’s sophistication is only matched by is diabolical nature, and I will get into that soon, all is not lost. So now as you continue to suspend your dis-belief system for a while, here is where we’re at.

Prison Planet for what reason? Who What Why How Where - How Long Ago <—-ugh….

Service To Self ET’s discover and learn to control, manipulate and harvest this prison planets ISBE inhabitants. They package everything including our squeals. :c(

None of them have figured out how to turn it off. …

BIG REVEAL: it’s because each of us are the only ones that can turn it off for ourselves.

so “they” just exploit it

There’s another example of the Botany Bay prison concept I wish to share and it is from my own science fiction collection, a book written in 1966 by Robert Heinlein, and for anyone familiar with classic science fiction and its authors, this individual needs no introduction. How many sci-fi books get this kind of credibility from the literary world?


A Prison On The Moon for Earths Criminals

This writer was always known for his over the top intellect and almost other-worldly understanding of the human design and it’s eternal desire to overcome adversity, oppression and enslavement at any cost.

So the synopsis is simple, descendants of criminals long dead must fight for their freedom and rightful place among their human brothers and sisters on Earth who have been conditioned to treat them as subservient and untrustworthy just because of their lineage…hmmm…sound familiar? The sci-fi part is going to catch you off guard, because the societal infrastructure of humans on Earth and on the penal colony on the Moon in this science fiction story from 1966 is filled with precisely exactly the level of technological surveillance and behavioral stop-gap controls now in existence in our own present day reality. From eliminating all true privacy to living under the threat of unfavorable social credit ratings, which is already enforced in China and being developed here in the satanic silicon valley. I could cover this subject stand alone considering its far-reaching implications and end result; but suffice to say that in China if you buy more of anything considered by the state as unhealthy you lose points. If you have any new medical conditions that crop up because of any bad personal habits like smoking or drinking; you lose points and privileges in society…there are millions now in China; that due to poor social media and living standard rating scores, are considered flight risks and can no longer leave their country for any reason. This is behavioral slavery.

behavioral reality manipulation

material senses and sin slavery

ISBE universal CONSCIOUSNESSES erasure

these are the bars, the walls and chains that make this prison work and keeps us coming back for more upon bio-death after bio-death.

in the free universe this below

likely has ‘some’ truth.

2019-08-31 04_52_44-.png

it’s mostly bullshit here on

prison planet earth.

Short form: As long as you do and believe whatever you’re told without question, or just can’t stop violating any or all of the “seven deadly sins” installed or encoded into this reality sphere, you will be regurgitated back into a new bio-suit and have to start all over again as a that human hamster on that wheel-o-life-cycle of death. The fail safe just in case you do figure things out and attempt to ascend your earthly bonds during one of your lifetimes? Remember that ancient Universally conscious mind-wipe technology I spoke of earlier? The one that can only be controlled and manipulated and not turned off? It is there waiting. That familiar phrase “come into the light” or maybe Uncle Joe or Grandma Lilly are in silhouette there waiting for you; calling out. It ‘feels right’ - Or perhaps you meet a figure of even more significance to you personally that offers a guiding hand, and I will let you determine that based on your own interpretation of my meaning.

All of this is clever diversion. Some jails don’t need physical bars or walls or chains. Some have these things built into the fabric of our existence, but they only work while our ISBE selves, our unlimited energy and light life force selves are fooled into thinking we’re not separate from them. We Are Not Our Bodies. Our Personality/Individuality Do Not Exist Inside Our Brain. When the battery that powers the LED diode in your pocket flashlight to brightness loses it’s charge, the flashlight is rendered inert.

WE ISBE’s ARE THE BATTERY THAT NEVER LOSES ITS CHARGE. The bodies lose their ability to house us because they are INCAPABLE OF EXISTING forever. They were purposefully, intentionally designed to segment our stream of infinite consciousness into incomprehensible blurbs of linear existence with no real rhyme or reason. It’s all just to keep us pre-occupied with mystery after contrived mystery designed to offer half-truths and lies to continue keeping us chasing our existential tails forever and a day without ever resolving our true problem. How to get back into the rest of the Universe where we came from to begin with.

…..who put us here brings us to Star Wars; the underlying passion play of the ages. It’s got danger and intrigue; and ET;s and hyper-space and Death Stars and rebellions with rebels and Empires with Emperians. Ancient Dominions and The Old Republic. The mysterious force and the desire by good and evil to possess its power and rule the Universe. Did I miss anything? Oh and a smarmy love story with lame dialog and A.I. that for the most part; is subservient.

Have you even been on the losing side of a winning argument? The results are the same. You lose. War has its fortunes good and bad, and it comes to light that the term nothing new under the sun should read nothing new in the Universes. I learned that while the human species as it exists has been around some 74 trillion years according to Airl in her testimony transcribed in the book Alien Interview, and there are ET species even older, the concept of being in conflict has no dimensional boundaries. It was depressing for this newly aware ISBE to learn there are ET’s out there quite far along in their evolution; and much farther beyond us; and they have been fighting a war with the same foe for 2 billion years. That sucks to learn. So bottom line: If you are here, you were either on the side of the failed “rebellion against the EMPIRE” and this was your punishment; or you simply did not fit into the trajectory of the “they” in charge at the time, or perhaps you interfered with other lesser lifeforms than yourself one too many times; that is where many of the “fallen angel” legends and metaphorical stories originated. You violated the prime directive and got sent to ISBE rehab, in this case an eternal soul prison.

In the free Universes an ISBE can enter or leave corporeal bio-bodies of any kind at will. There are few constraints. You are still bound by Universal laws established for continuity of existence and some kind of collective conscious desire to learn all that is learn-able and manifest/create anything thought and purpose can envision….but You do not live a linear existence when in your pure ISBE form, and I can not explain the concept of no time or space because I simply do not understand the concept. I do not think anyone existing on this prison planet is capable of that. Just conjuring up explanations for that which has no comprehensible explanation that exists in this reality. It’s not supposed to. From now on call this place: Planet Anomaly. IT IS UNLIKE ALL OTHERS.

The slow blade penetrates the shield….

Final scene from the movie Dune written by Frank Herbert.

Final scene from the movie Dune written by Frank Herbert.

Whether you are familiar with the voluminous volumes in the Dune book series, the 1984 theatrical release or the subsequent attempts by the Sci Fi / Sy Fy channel to bring this epic story to life, you know one thing. The devil is in the details. I read the first three Dune books, perhaps 1500-2000 pages total, and being a detail man and huge intellectual science fiction fan, I was enthralled with every turned page as to what happened next in the saga of Arrakis and the spice Melange, in which the whole Universe was addicted to for one purpose or another. As I grew much older and mainly in the last 10 years I began to understand the true implications of the story within the story of the fictional planet and its indigenous natural resource found no where else in the known Universe. Earth is Arrakis. ISBE’s in Human suits are the Spice Melange. The combination of our endless energy and light frequencies while harnessed inside these bio suits can be manipulated at the DNA level produce bio-drugs of all types for ET’s of all types. From medicines to Erectile dysfunction to Life Extension and Pure Health benefits and of course for pleasurable sensations and highs. This isn’t why we were all originally imprisoned here, it’s the sheer length of time being trapped here that has afforded ET’s of all ilks passing by, to experiment and take advantage of our unfortunate circumstances…over……and over……and over…..until some where along the line things got perfected, streamlined and mass produced like all good widgets and services are in a consumption based Universe and although there are plenty of the human species that live free and unencumbered lives out there somewhere, things right here right now -well it sucks to be us here on Earth.

2019-08-31 05_47_11-318266_434180153269151_1994583211_n.jpg (556×720) - Brave.png

passed around like a pack of cigarettes

There’s an old saying, “We don’t know what we don’t know.” - sounds like a vicious cycle. This is precisely exactly why we keep getting taken advantage of in this existence. Everyone else including that horrific few elite at the top of our food chain, who themselves are being manipulated, knows the true skinny on things and they use it against their own kind. Us.

If I am to survive in the water, I had better learn to swim on top of it or breathe in it. When we enter these bio-suits and I mean re-enter; we become tethered to the laws of the prison matrix created to keep us from figuring a way out. The mind wipe, the extreme senses and emotions and rules of engagement and then there’s the ‘karma equation’ which keeps other ET’s at bay or at least very careful about assuming a corporeal role here, for then they too become susceptible to its laws and web of purposeful deceptions. Airl the navigator stated in Alien Interview that there have been expeditions sent here and even brave adventurous individual ISBE’s who have come here to help free us from this prison. Many have been lost to the very prison itself, and have been sucked into the regurgitate mechanism. One individual who managed to escape was Nicola Tesla. He came here to chew bubble gum and change humanity’s plight and when he ran out of bubble-gum he “discovered” free energy, anti-gravity, thought transmission and wireless power and remote control among others. Note I said discovered. Folks we do not invent anything. :c) We re-discover it individually and co-creatively - over and over again - Chew on that one for a while.

Next up….”Plans within Plans.” “You did not see me; I was not here”…more to come.

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