Greetings everyone, CosmicGuy I felt compelled to create a separate section for the various individuals who have devoted most if not all of their lives to trying to get and give us a peek out of this dismal existence we’ve forced upon ourselves. Everyone I list here has had some kind of profound effect on me and many many others who look around and scratch their heads and go, no way is this the reality I choose to exist in.

These individuals have proven to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is indeed much more going on than what we perceive here on this tiny lump of animal mineral and vegetable.

Some of the ones that had a direct influence on myself and the path I have chosen because of the INTEL they have brought forth will have extra personal addendum from me, but in most cases some brief highlights and then some pre-established links to great content they have created or are responsible for will be the norm.

Cosmic Guy