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News For The New Worlds. NOT The New World Order

News For The New Worlds. NOT The New World Order

Both OSTO.SPACE & endorse this individual, but receives no remuneration for this endorsement.

Both OSTO.SPACE & endorse this individual, but receives no remuneration for this endorsement.

Ever hear of the Yulin dog meat festival? Neither did OSTO, until now.

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Ex-Vatican Treasurer Pell Makes Final Appeal To Overturn Sex Offense Convictions.

MELBOURNE (Reuters) - Lawyers for former Vatican treasurer Cardinal George Pell on Tuesday filed an appeal to Australia’s High Court in a final bid to overturn his conviction for sexually abusing two 13-year-old choir boys, the High Court said.

Pell is seeking leave to appeal the state of Victoria’s Court of Appeal ruling which upheld his conviction on five charges of abusing the boys at St Patrick’s Cathedral in the late 1990s when he was archbishop of Melbourne… more

2019-09-17 02_46_23-2,246 Dead Children Found in Abortionist’s Home – magAMedia - Brave.png

2,246 Dead Children Found in Abortionist’s Home

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Amazing True Story

When Jim Clemente walked into the Bronx home of his former summer camp director, it wasn’t for old time’s sake.

The twenty-something Clemente was wearing a wire. Federal agents and an NYPD detective were listening in.

And his old camp boss, Michael J. O’Hara, was showing Clemente pictures of kids he’d molested — just like he’d abused Clemente a decade prior.

“I was scared to death while I was there,” Clemente, now 59 and retired from a storied FBI career, recalled of the 1986 meeting….

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Haitian Human Trafficking Connection to U.S.

…leading right to the Clinton Foundation Doorstep.

NOT SO RARE video of underage marriage in Iran: the 'bride' is aged 11

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Major Hollywood elites names in video exposé by actor

Isaac Kappy, who starred in blockbuster movies Terminator Salvation and Thor, streamed the live video confession over Periscope (Twitter’s version of Facebook Live) in which he named and shamed several A-list stars and movie industry big-wigs…..

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Real Enough For You Yet? These People Are Sick And They Seem To Be Everywhere.

it is the real thing

Illuminati symbolism in James Franco's 'Love in the Old Days

Actor James Franco has a band called 'Daddy' and they released a video with so much over-the-top satanic and Illuminati symbolism that I don't even know where to start. It's almost to the point of being laughable and wondering if this is really shooting for some Illuminati publicity versus it being the real thing. (editors note: this is why they keep getting away with “murder”. So very hard to believe.)

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Some Prefer McDoggles over McDonald

Ok…you made it to the bottom of the page, - you’re either incredulous, mad, laughing like these are made up headlines or it is just too hard to believe right now. OSTO is bringing you the Real Life Horror Movie that is Earth right now. It’s always been like this; we’ve been insulated from it by lies and deceptions going back eons. This is our moment to shine the light on the darkness that has pushed us down so it might climb.

this is not for the squeamish - it is here as a chronicle of evil.

we set fire to our children too.

the brutal truth of this 21st century

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Beings that can not protect their children are doomed to and deserve extinction.
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