“Q” for Historians & Disbelievers Alike

Q-Primer for “we the people”

Every aspect of human history, most everyone in the civilized world has been educated to believe; is based on lies and deception. One must come into all of what OSTO.SPACE offers, with that mindset to even begin to consider any of it as truth. Before I get into the details, I want to point out a very glaring aspect of this “Q” or “Q-anon” phenomena, in how it is never mentioned in the LameStreaMedia. Neither side of the political fence will acknowledge it , and further more the term ‘conspiracy theory’ has been somehow attached to it in an effort to discredit it; using the same tired playbook from decades passed, when we were expected to believe every purported UFO sighting was either swamp gas or a rogue weather balloon. It is how quickly social media turned it into enough of a “Q”uestion mark that they ultimately succeeded in that those I talk with out here in the real world, and many on social media, don’t believe “Q” is real, that it is made up, that it is a psy-ops program to build false hope while the badguys/gals continue their plan to enslave humankind.

bottom line, you can call it any letter in the alphabet it’s still about good versus evil.


In the bowels of our government, perhaps The Pentagon there are reportedly 35 levels of secrecy above our own President. I won’t express my extreme displeasure with that fact right now, I’m merely pointing out that the “Q” level is the highest security clearance of all. This is where the term itself originated.


every truth has a start point. here is “Q”

2019-05-22 21_54_12-WILLIAM TOMPKINS SUB SHAPED SPACESHIPS - Google Search.png

The German Army Had Spaceships.

…they made a deal with these devils.


They were called “Foo Fighters” by enemy and allied pilots alike.

we lost world war two folks.

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The Nazi’s were secretly flexing their far superior technologies 3 years before the ‘official end’ of World War 2.

This was when the United States government was officially compromised and infiltrated folks.

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You Probably Never Heard of This Event Before?

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Here are the initial infil”traitors.”

Perhaps it now makes more sense as to why the whole UFO, ET cover up was created to begin with. There was a power struggle already taking place over this fantastic alien technology retrieved by the “deep state” in Roswell, before Eisenhower could get his own people there. When the Roswell crash site was eventually settled in Area 51, President Eisenhower sent his own personal courier to pick up and bring back any and all INTEL pertaining to said crash. Not only was the request denied, but this individual was informed that Area 51 did not even come under United States jurisdiction. When Eisenhower was informed of this, he got very angry and threatened the folks at Area 51 with extreme retribution from a very large Army he still had access to in Colorado. They granted his request, let him meet an ET and he went away disgruntled, but now very aware that things were not right anymore with the United States of America.


21,000 New Millionaires & Billionaires in World War 1. What of WW2?


No Enemies. Only Business Opportunities

Eisenhower learns the awful truth

Now that it has been admitted as fact by even our own government, we can begin our trek down the Q path of inception with the revelation of the existence of a “Deep State” because of a random UFO crash in the desert of Roswell, New Mexico in July of 1947.

here is an actual event from 1952

2019-06-20 18_30_37-ufo's over white house - Google Search.png

2019-06-20 18_31_19-ufo's over white house - Google Search.png

The Corporation of The United States of Amerika is born.


before president kennedy, james forrestal was the first assassination by the deep state.

James Forrestal was clandestinely given a very large dose of LSD and taken to a hospital where he was thrown out of a 10th story window. Another death by “arkancide" cept this was death by “Beelzibush” as in George H. W. You will be learning you didn’t know any of these cretins. They lived very different horrific lives behind the scenes.


What Eisenhower told this man in confidence got him killed.


Former Employee Whistle-blower: Area 51

Very Real.

Very Real.

Ok, your CosmicGuy will refrain from the UFO & ET portion of the Q phenomena and concentrate on the “Cold War” era which led to the dismantling of ALL THE NUKES in the world by some very disgusted ET’s. The world deep state players began to move into “Weather Wars” that when revealed, will astound you as to how many devastating earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunami’s and super tornado’s in our recent history were artificially create in a World War 3 you never knew existed….