Hello there fellow humans, fellow ISBE’s - I know I bring a tremendous amount of painful truth on this site. I hope to offer balance with this section devoted to the positive Ascension of the Human Species.

For this ISBE, my concept of this purpose, ‘ascension’, is a natural evolution of conscious life. In this yin yang consumption-based Universe where everything that is born lives and dies, from a star to a planet to a human to an amoeba; seems ‘nobody like death’, as the Jamaican witch doctors like to put it. So it seems that out of this manifestation, this fear has evolved; a way to evolve our desire to live and experience life on many levels. It is interesting to note, that no matter your religious beliefs, or if you have none, there has to be the acknowledgment that we humans keep wanting to “go somewhere” that is not here. We look up to the skies, for hope, and feel a dismal loneliness when we look down. There IS something more to existence and consciousness, than just this material world of pains and pleasures we are all struggling to figure out now. I do not believe it can be figured out, just left behind. “We are all star seeds.” - Carl Sagan

david wilcock as your guide

Say what you want about the guy, David Wilcock is a brilliant mind among us humans and has contributed a consoderable body of work towards pretty much every aspect of the conspiracy theory tin foil hat world. I was already into my “married with children era” in the early 90's when he appeared on the disclosure scene. I was already aware of a great deal of what he was talking about, so for me it was more about corroboration of that which I had been told and learned about from Robert D. Barry, my disclosure mentor in the late 80's. David is one of those individuals that can pay attention to details and construct the "big picture" which is not an easy thing for anyone. His best gift is the ability to explain it so all of us can understand it. That is an art especially with how badly true communication has broken down with humans at this point.

In the last 5 years things have escalated on this planet at light speed in some ways and glacially in others but the truth is unfolding as it should and David Wilcock certainly is owed a debt of gratitude for bringing all of this more mainstream than anyone save the original scene breaker Eric Von Daniken. I was a teenager working as a volunteer in our high school library when I stumbled upon his book, Chariots of the Gods, and once I was finished with it, much of everything I had felt inside that I shared with no one became too real. I knew then that most all of human existence was a farce and a lie. A clever diversion in every corner of our lives, keeping us from something. Back then I was a teenage very serious musician, already writing songs and dreaming of "the big time" so - I took this crack over my existential head and heart and soul - and buried it. I figured I'd deal with it after I was rich and famous. Life had a different interpretation of things, and after over a decade on the road, I got burned out, and disgusted with a music business rife with corruption and no thought of music, just money; something I knew going in, but not to the degree it really was, nor to the level of depravity that existed underneath.

David Wilcock has been integral in exposing this evil underneath the evil "we the people" are only now beginning to get an ill-at-ease feeling about - it still has not set in. The earth turns, we just don't feel it move, as things unfold in the exposing of evil to the world, it brings us from the darkness into the light.

David has transcended a good portion of the meat and potatoes disclosure, and since he got married a little over a year ago, has changed his focus to, "what happens after"…

You see folks at some point; this evil will be exposed, the guilty punished and it will finally start to feel like a bad dream that we ALL woke up out of. What next?

Ascension. That's what my Immortal Spiritual Being friends.

As you know, or are about to find out now, I charge no fees for anything I do, I get no money from anyone or anything for - well anything I recommend or talk about in these blogs...etc...so when I tell you that you should start seriously thinking about your 'Ascension' off this rock, how to go about it properly, David Wilcock is the place you need to start and he does not pay me to tell you that, now do I get kickbacks from his book sales. Just keeping it real folks. Here is his youtube channel. Here is Davids website which has some of his work free for all to download. Practically all of what you will learn would have gotten you burned at the stake for knowing or talking about just 500 years ago. A hundred years ago, it was whispered in back rooms. Now because of the extraordinary times we live in. There is suppressed knowledge being un-suppressed, top secret classifications being de-classified, on that side note, did you happen to catch in "your" news that President Trump de-classified anti-gravity technology? Yes Virginia, you can build or buy your own Jetson-mobile. If you said, "No, CosmicGuy I did not catch that on my news." Then now you understand what the term suppressed knowledge is all about. There are still a lot of bad guys and gals that don't want you to know such things. Ascension is at the top of their list; and the critical thinker must ask themselves; why? Happy Ascending; and perhaps you need to look for a better place for real news about all the fascinating things going on in the world. The United States suppresses much of THAT information too. Try here.

here is a recent video of david wilcock talking about lots of things including ascension.