"The Foot Print of God?"

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A Different Kind of “HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT?”

“May you live in interesting times.” -old Chinese curse.

As your CosmicGuy, the self-appointed curator of The Museum of the Hard to Believe, when I first got into all this stuff, I thought it was about UFO’s lazerblasters and pretty space girls. If you are a regular visitor to my web sites, either here or my daily Extreme News site, www.disclosureport.com then you know this is merely a small portion of the “story of humankind” that is being suppressed from us purposefully, and intentionally keeping us all in fear, and in the dark about our true nature. So when I received this Extreme INTEL in an email, I intrinsically knew to take it seriously, although I am still learning about it all, here is where you can follow my progress, as we unfold the Truth of this 21st century together.

This structure, which does indeed lie 68 miles due east of Area 51, is over eleven football fields long, and over 3 football fields wide, so it can easily be seen from space, just as the Nazca lines can be. It is lined with rocks not from the area, and many have been artificially carved and shaped, some showing signs of kiln fire work. This investigative reporter could not be more in awe of how the Universe is unfolding at this particular juncture in human existence. It feels as though the scales of justice have been so tipped in evil’s favor for so long, that the recoil is being felt, heard, and ethereally experienced quite literally though out that very same Universe. All the Extreme INTEL I’ve accumulated in my brain over 4 decades, all the "‘rabbit holes’ leading to more ‘rabbit holes’, and finding out that it has never been about keeping UFO’s and Extra-Terrestrials from us; for all that truth would lead to the ultimate truth that it really is about the battle between good and evil. I can’t sugar coat it, dress it up and put it out in a plate glass window as a trinket or a bauble, it is the ultimate brutal truth of our existence and of this Universe’s existence. To spend any real time debating this, or expecting to find the ultimate everlasting solution is folly. You can’t build faith. You can not dis-believe and still expect not to be subject to the laws of this Universe. There is Light and there is Darkness. We as Immortal Spiritual Beings of light exist best in a happy, peaceful and loving state of perpetual bliss…..and then something happened. FOLLOW MY PERSONAL JOURNEY THROUGH THIS INVESTIGATION HERE.


“the big footprint”

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Comparing the “foot print” with the Nazca Lines; The Nazca Lines were created from naturally occurring stones, while the “foot print” is formed with seemingly intentionally shaped rocks. From our field study, the “foot print” is formed with rocks spread on the ground. These rocks were purposefully placed here on the ground and are not part of the local rock formation. Surrounding the “foot print” is just plain desert land. These rocks all have signs of intentional manipulation. They have smooth flat surfaces, regular shapes and perfect corners or curves. They have the appearance of being worked by hand, and some have the signs of being kiln-fired.

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as anyone can see, these rocks were manipulated and purposefully shaped like they are for a specific reason.

There is no architecture nearby, the site is on sand, surrounded by barren desert, far away from any city. We haven’t found any formal records of the formation of the “foot print”. There are rock paintings from native Indian civilization, but we find no records of this site from local Native American culture.

We believe this site is connected to astronomy, etymology, religions and famous landmarks. It is pointing to the origin of human civilization, God created humans in Genesis. The following presentation is about our study. The lab results are still a few weeks away as of 4/27 - so please check back or check your social media, and don’t forget to share this article at the bottom. Strap yourselves in this could be the ride of the Trillions of Years….

when the findings are revealed it will

increase the faith and vibration of the planet.