Hearts in the right place just ain't makin' it in this world anymore. GUNS ARE NOT THE FRIGGIN' PROBLEM.


It pains me to no end watching these misguided LIED-TO young individuals protest like the sleeping sheeple they already are based on pre-programmed thoughts put there by the "man behind the curtain" - lamestreamedia and their tired action words and histrionic headlines to evoke madness and knee-jerk responses. This asshole Hogg is a plant. He is not what he seems, and you are a fool if you think, this dude, just somehow, managed to rise above the millions at just the "right time" after the latest false-flag corporate government terrorist act. THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO BE PROTESTING YOU FOOL. (s)

Until you and all the others protesting in unWashington educate and enlighten yourselves on the truth of this 21st century, you are doomed to play someone else's cards in a game that is  rigged and YOU ARE THE PATSY's that will suffer when the only ones with the guns, are the ones, with the badges and ski masks.

Here's a little truth for ya's all not paying attention.

  1. the badguys and gals of the world are being rounded up methodically and they are using all the weapons they have left in their arsenal because they are not going down without a fight. Remember they are badguys and gals. It's what they do. (see scorpion)
  2. ALL of the attacks on American soil were done by American operatives of the corporate government that took over this country after WW2.
  3. The CIA and NSA are mainly responsible for all the wars since WW2, all the terrorism and all the false flag attacks in this country going back 40 years.
  4. All that money people like Clooney and Oprah are donating to this cause, do you know where it is really going? To undermine the American way of life.
  5. Start protesting suppressed technologies like food replicators, zero point energy, medical cures for all malady's anti-gravity, and contact and doing business with ET's everywhere.
  6. Do you have any idea how many months and red tape you must go through to get a moment to protest in Washington in such a manner? How did it happen? Who is behind the financing? 

Until you are prepared to protest with intellect, reason, and equipped with the facts of the real truth you are no different than the deep state that controls and keeps you programmed and I will fight you and crush you every chance I get with my words and my deeds. I am coming for you Hogg. you don't know me yet....but you will....you and many others like you. I can smell you over the Internet you stink so bad of deep state.