Getting FAT on Disclosure / The Brutal Truth ignored by mainstream disclosure media.


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The time is nigh, you all need a talkin' to.....

     Ok, here's where your Cosmic Guy is gonna come off to some as the sour grapes 'guy' on the outside of the in crowd in the greater disclosure community finding fault with a juggernaut like Coast to Coast AM, and, Cosmic Disclosure, and about 5,000 other shows from one end of disclosure to the other ,some video podcasts, some radio podcasts -  It is still called broadcasting folks. It is still about informing the public, and keeping the ne'er do wells at bay, especially in these very important times for......wait for it.....THE WHOLE FRIGGIN HUMAN SPECIES? ...and Coast to Coast AM still runs at least 4 BigFoot stories a month. They play host to a bevy of disclosure hucksters whose only real interest is not being fluff interviewed by George Snoory, but access to the audience he somehow, through blind shithouse luck fell into...a mystery to this opinionated ass to this day....but I I have to in order to continue painting the picture for you. I have listened to C2C since 1998 when I was on vacation in Hawaii and talking with my father on the phone back in the states and he asked me if I had ever heard of Art Bell.....once I began listening I knew I had found a home. Art was a no nonsense investigator who took no prisoners but also took no sides. He ALWAYS let his listeners make up their own minds  as to the validity of what or whomever he was offering up on that nights show. He covered some extremely controversial topics including the Catholic Church and the true CABAL in the media when you did not do such tings... I respected that he was as relentless as the Jedi, a moniker I like to throw out about myself that I do my show 7 nights a week as he relentless I DO digress.

This article is about what has happened to the mother of all disclosure shows, or at least what it used to be. It is most likely George Noory is a CIA or subversive government plant to keep the show from ever disclosing too much...I have never heard of nor could I find a link to an interview with Brice Taylor, or any of the SSP and Mars super soldier division whistleblowers talking about the "misfits of Mars" I dedicate my original composition, "Every Night I Pray For You", to on my show from time to time...The dirty gritty horrific spirit cooking satanic rituals, they're real and my ISBE friends we are losing millions of babies and children a year to this harvesting process. It is gruesome beyond words, and the Harvey the Larvae Weinstein story breaking was the straw that broke beelzebub's back...for it will come to light just how deep dark and widespread this human trafficking is, which is a nice term for, kidnapping, rape, torture, murder, sacrifice....and yet if I know about all this surely they do, but nothing on Coast to Coast ever. They are simply too busy with all the business that humans desire for real truth is generating.....they are motivated by the volume of money they get for all those 'mainstream ears' tuned in every night waiting for the next disclosure tidbit which, by that time, has circulated around the Internet x 1,000.000.000.....When you go over to their web site, you are inundated by ads top, bottom, sides, and even in their big pictorial display that you would think should be filled with new INTEL stories about what is really going on, like when the Marines stormed the CIA's headquarters at the end of 2017, the real reason the Atlanta airport was powerless for hours, the term "Khazarian Mafia" - I do not believe I have heard it used once on the show. The show is a shadow of itself and the Internet and instant news gratification has made Coast to Coast AM obsolete. It needs to up its disclosure game or let us real truthers take the fold and run. Coast to Coast AM has millions of listeners that take them seriously and Art Bell is responsible for that credibility not George or any of the other part-time disclosure dudes (and where's the disclosure dudettes?) Give Linda Moulton-Howe a guest-host shot on the weekend. Now Coast to Coast AM is a shining example of exactly what is wrong with disclosure. There's no real disclosure.....its like: If I hear David Wilcock tell me its the"End Game....Game Changer, Game Over" once more...Really?......stop calling it a friggin' game David...its not a game it is a horror show called Earth with humans being indiscriminately abducted, and NOT by aliens, and turned over to the most evil of enterprises, "The Business of Humans"....traded, sold like cattle, drugged,  into prostitution, where when they get too old, usually 13, they're summarily sacrificed, or find themselves the starring attraction in a snuff film, (as in snuffed out on camera for real)sacrificed in the most brutal of ways, pirated off-word to work out their lives in slave labor building and repairing parts and widgets for other ET's spaceships as they pass by and do their nastiness with impunity using advanced technology to hide their nefarious goings on. At least 6 different races experimenting on us at any given time" really Corey? - You see, I believe him, and it really, really pisses me I want to get a light saber and start cauterizing my way through the badguys til none are about you? Is any of what I am relating to you, which is the truth by the way, whether is suits your sensibilities or not, getting you pissed off? - there is NO APP FOR THIS...we have to face this ugly truth together, and it pains me to no end as I speak to my few but loyal listeners every night about these real disclosure issues, and the shows that have the ears and eyes shy away from this portion of the truth, and guess what what, there is a logical reason for that.  Actually, there are three:

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." -- Arthur Schopenhauer ...

For whatever reason Coast to Coast AM is stuck somewhere between number two and three. You see its safe to be where they are with their listeners. They make millions upon millions of dollars every year from advertisers near and far large and small. With Noory at the helm Coast to Coast has been turned into a "disclosure huckster whorehouse" Every disclosure whore out there with yet another book on "Nessy"...or "BigFoot"...for the love of all that's holy, or another book on the roswell crash or worse, there should be a moratorium on all books, movies and talk show topics on the JFK assassination until Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis's safety deposit box is opened in another 40 years, as her law firm has been instructed to do, cause she sure as hell knew who was behind -to the bullshit part of the disclosure biz-  I have one thing to say to all the people out there still clinging to some insane belief that, "Harry and the Hendersons" was an INTEL movie, ask yourself this.....If indeed there be "bigfeet" running around this planet in this day and age with 4 billion cell phone cameras and billions of cars and trucks on the road; with cameras too, not one clear picture, not one roadkill. Let's be real here, if it walks, bounces, flies, hops, slinks or crawls on its belly like a reptile....pardon the pun, its been run over by Bill-bob thrice and is hanging over the fireplace at home with 10 pictures of it on his Fakebook page. No Bigfeet. No Mothmen, no Chupacabras, ....and in the end GEORGE NOORY YOU NINCOMPOOP ONLY CONCERNED WITH YOUR OWN WALLET - who in the wide world of sports could possibly care about or take any of that seriously anymore when right now at any given time, there are little boys and girls being stolen in the night, and the ones that are lucky go into drugged out prostitution on islands cretons like Bill Clinton like to frequent with his frequent pedophile miles; but for the not-so-lucky ones are first traumatized by being made to watch videos of animals and other small children tortured and killed in the most terrible inhuman ways, while being told this is about to happen to them, to get all their glands a pumpin' and get all those natural chemicals gushing into their bloodstreams....then take them out into an arena where they are summarily strapped down, and pieces parts sliced and cut out and off of them to heighten the terror, pain, agony and dread and feelings of hopelessness. The anticipation of death is worse than death itself, except in their cases. Then they are killed slowly for the full effect, then consumed. Nice picture you can never unsee right? Good. So next time you are tuned into Coast to Coast or Alex Jones or Clyde Davis and Ground Zero, - -... or any of the veritable plethora of so-called fearless heavy-weights in disclosure shows; youtube channels that are monetized, and the one faction of disclosure I detest the most, "The "getting fat on disclosure" tours that few can afford. There is another blog on here from yours cosmically wherein I point out it costs an average of $1,000.00 to goto one of these disclosure junkets for the weekend. Much more if you want to hobnob with the snobs of disclosure, which many of them have become, like Richard Hoagland, who believes at this point he walks on water, with a "midnight on the air to nobody" show that one can take solace in knowing is not getting fat from suckling off the teet of  disclosure's cash mutilated cow, - -  get a pen and paper and write down how many commercial breaks and how many commercials in those breaks; count how many times, after the commercial break they keep selling you more widgets and services while they're supposed to be doing their never ends.... Now I am removing programming from that sub-category of hucksterism, for they are making sure they get their money UP FRONT and directly from you with charging a subscription for disclosure, for the truth for all of us; of this 21st century. :)...the rest couldn't give half a shit about those kids, or what is happening to them every moment the rest of us only think we have problems to worry and fret about in our have to understand something fundamental about the truth. The truth is built on the truth. I call it the dominos of truth. Once you have accepted one piece of all of this disclosure truth being brought out by so many credible individuals now; and so much independent corroboration of them from so many others, most of whom never knew one another (Corey Goode/William Tompkins)<---one worked IN the Secret Space Program, the other helped design and build the friggin' spaceships the other flew in for 20 years IN that secret space program! Once you accept all of what is coming at you, you must realize that the worst of it is true, the part everyone, including those tasked with informing the rest of us about, is ignoring out of fear and loathing? No its not being reported on because it would scare the living shit out of the sheeple listening to and watching them all, and they would run for cover, more more viewers.... and the advertisers would pull their advertising dollars.  Too bad. the days of wine and roses are over.

This is why all of media is still remaining mum on this elephant in every human beings conscience. Half are involved and the other half are afraid to report it. It is unspeakable what is happening to our kids and friends and families throughout the world and further for money and for the most evil of evils, but not to speak of the unspeakable, is to acquiesce to the very evil we profess to revile and desire to excise from our species.  For it is evil that fears exposure most. That knowledge will provide the strength all good men and women will need to face all of this waking nightmare together.  The very mouthpieces of disclosure and freedom of expression of the human spirit are cowering behind that and the fear of losing those almighty advertiser Permi$$ion $lip$. Truth needs no $, but it demands the light of day and gets it no matter who is afraid to talk about it. I, for one am not. I am an Immortal Spiritual Being. Just like you and every one of those poor kids. They need our help. They need their truth to be told. Brice Taylor's truth needs to be told. The human species is not going to get an invite to the Galactic Federation party until all of this truth is exposed and the evil is removed from our hearts and souls. Retire George Noory.....and no wonder Art Bell has never really returned to the show except in his "somewhere in time" segments from his past days as host....he MUST be either embarrassed or frustrated at C2CAM's lack of focus on what that show is really supposed to be doing, and that does NOT include selling memberships to George Noory's online dating service, or George Noorys' insiders club, or informing you as to how long you will need to save every dime to see George Noory live again, who's personality is only rivaled by Ed Sullivan, and I mean the one in the grave.  2018 is indeed the year of Brutal Truth and  you heard it here first my fellow ISBE's - just remember that ...its not safe out there for our kids. It's not safe out there for our kids. Its not safe out there for our kids......and it ain't bigfoot hiding under their beds....disclosure isn't just about ufo''s, lazerblasters and brain eating ET's folks; that shit is the gateway to the real hell about to be disclosed.

Can you handle the brutal truth?

Can you handle the brutal truth?