3 Days for 10 more seconds! Now at 22 minutes 10 seconds


Greetings and salutations as we enter into the year of "Brutal Truth" - 2018. As disclosure goes more mainstream, as in MSM - starts reporting on the oddest of things, like they were always part of life. THAT is when you need to start paying attention. (before that but -you know i mean) There is a yin/yang to all this folks. One of the many reasons I took up sun gazing was to somehow give this ISBE an edge. You see I am just another sap human like you with a couple natural talents, but beyond that flawed and on a continuous journey for perfection, or at least as close as this existence allows. Sun gazing is capable of giving ANY human an edge if you are willing to do it. I am here now, almost at the 1/2 way point (22 min 30 sec) and it has taken about 6 months. Remember you can only do this in 10 second increments per day, and when its cloudy or your schedule messes you up, you just pick up where you left off, but it adds to the amount of time it will take to get to the golden mark: 45 minutes. Then you are done. From that time on though, your one responsibility to your discipline is a 45 minute walk in bare feet on mother Earth. no sidewalks! - If anyone reading this would like to ask me questions, you can contact me through this site. or email cosmicguyp@gmail.com   that works too... :) onward through the fog my fellow ISBE's....

Cosmic Guy