SUN GAZING: The Odyssey Continues...


Hello there. As you may already know I am your 'Cosmic Guy' of Disclosure in the Desert. I speak of many things. Suppressed technologies and suppressed knowledge are two of the many things I bring to you. One of these suppressed truths' is the art of sungazing - or sun gazing. There is an ancient science to it folks. I have begun the process and practice of sungazing and I will share my longass journey right here in this forum. I will feature random pics of sunrises and sunsets and of course my beautiful, wonderful, stinking feet. :c) Please educate yourself well on this subject before attempting it. The journey is long and life and consciousness changing. Know that. As of 4.23.2018 32 Minutes 30 Seconds.

This is the individual I studied under (virtually)

Suppressed Sacred Knowledge

These are the things the elite and the religious zealots want you to stay in the dark about. Why is that?

Hmmm...maybe there's something to this?

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your cosmic guy 60 pounds lighter and 100 percent healthier at 59. sun gazing seemed the next logical step towards achieving super being status :)

"It's working! It's working!" - A. Skywalker                              As of  4.23.2018 I am at 32 minutes and 30 seconds.

sun gazing is a way of life, much like veganism.

SungazingCosmic Guy