Political Pedophilia-UPDATED


The United States reports roughly 16,000 murders and 90,000 rapes annually - but this pales in comparison to the over 800,000 missing children reported each year. With millions of (known) children going missing around the entire world every year, one tends to wonder why nobody ever talks about the literal holocaust of children happening day to day. Is it really possible that elite pedophile/blackmail rings could exercise uncontested control over how the world is run?

Overwhelming evidence exists to show that child trafficking is the single largest issue facing humanity, and has successfully remained unknown to most of the public. Just because most of the mainstream media refuses to talk about it, does't mean it doesn't exist - one of the most decorated men to ever serve the FBI, Ted Gunderson headed the Los Angeles, Memphis, and Dallas FBI offices throughout his career. The depth of these child trafficking crimes shook him to his core when emotionally and publicly addressing the prevalence of satanic child abuse and related blackmail rings in 1995. Even exposing the involvement of elite illuminati societies, Gunderson believes that these child abuse rings are the single largest problem facing our world. Upon retirement, he dedicated his life to investigating this very crisis resulting in a thorough compilation of hundreds of files on cover-ups, victims, offenders, and organizations in place to facilitate this global atrocity. Unfortunately, the rabbit hole of evidence on this subject goes much deeper than anyone would ever want to imagine.

> OSTO's three-part "Red Pill" series devotes all of part two to the historical precedent/evidence involving elite pedophilia and subsequent blackmail rings, including the recent revelations of pizzagate, pedogate, and what actions are being taken. If you're interested in learning more, you can find our extensive repository of information on the subject here.