Here is my second Sun Gazing experience today. Very satisfying.

I found a high ridge that is easy t o get to in a round about way. I seem to be able to take the intensity of the evening son better than the morning sun. I really felt the 'burn' so to speak in that I was really looking at the suns outer rim and just noticing its radiance and when I was done my 3:10 I just sat down and watched it disappear - with the last sliver of the pie, it really goes quick. Tomorrow 3:20.

My beat feet.


Here is my first batch of "Photon Water" - as I like to call it. This is pure spring water in glass bottles sitting in the sun from sunrise to sunset. Now to let them sit. IT has been explained that during the 12 hour process the sun releases billions of energized protons and pure water in glass captures some of those photons. This water can be put on rashes, used for sore ears, throats, teeth, and of course drinking it is very cleansing and purifying. Who would have thought somethign so simple was so incredibly beneficial.

SungazingCosmic Guy