Bozo the Nuke?

Humans are the most bizarre of creatures, even the ET's remark at how in all the Universe, we alone hold the singular distinction of being the race of beings with the most wide-ranging span of emotions and the depth of emotion we have is apparently legendary. It is why we can not be trusted. Just look at the picture above. Only a human could be so dark and funny at the same time as to morph a snapshot of the most destructive force known into one of the few beloved clowns of the 20th century, right up there with another stellar example of our marketing hucksterism, Ronald McDonald. It is this dark, dark place I wish to speak of. Let me try to paint this picture of a singular lifeform. You. Your ISBE self. (Immortal Spiritual Being that inhabits corporeal bodies for fun, profit and pain) Where you originated you do not know. How much of your ISBE self you are not aware of in this conscious life is a mystery as well. How many lifetimes you have experienced, well...that's a black hole in your soul memory too. What is the truth of your existence? Do you even care? Is it of curiosity to you? What are you doing with your life right now to effect change in the human condition? The human race is under assault and faces some harsh harsh realities and they are coming very soon. We live in a time when a person who dares spew this depressing gloom-doom scenario is not going to be the life of the party, nor likely to be invited. That is what it is. Someone has to continue to say the things your Cosmic Guy says on his show every night at 6pm right here on OSTO.SPACE - I do lighten it up with my creations like, Arti S. Ficial my A.I. doppelganger, Mr. Blanderson and Agent Smyte wherein I turn the tables on the Matrix movie mantra where in my matrix Agent Smyte (Smith) has been trying for eons to get Mr Blanderson (Anderson/Neo) OUT of the matrix, but its not working. I feel like Agent Smyte at times. Seems like all I got is bad news. Keep living your life as you are, and many things are going to shock and awe you; yet chance favors the prepared mind. Being here at OSTO.SPACE has brought you one step closer to that preparedness. Spread the word. It's working. :c). Your potential is unlimited. You have to be aware of that TRUTH first. Welcome to a club that has no dues, there is no one you have to pray or bow down to, and you can come and go as you please. Welcome to OSTO.SPACE

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