No Sun No Glo

Well, this was my first official no-go sun gazing day. Too many clouds, and they did not disperse until long after my one hour window. Keep in mind your Cosmic Guy has to do and take everything to the Nth degree and I do my sun gazing in the morning and the evening which is ok, but you can just seek a once a day regimen and it doesn't matter if you do it in the morning and then afternoon - etc...not too many rules in this discipline.

1-first hour of sunrise or last hour of sunset (consult your local paper, or on line HERE) for this COOL link where you just pop in your zip code and you will get the info for your area.

2-always barefoot during your sun gazing. preferably sand or good soil.

3-10 second increments per day. no more no less. (no pigging out on the sun) :c) leave some for the rest of us...

SungazingCosmic Guy