Please, just one more cute, meaningless post on FB...please?

You know folks, either blame my grisled self or my generation, or maybe its all this friggin truth I am filled with - but I sometimes, find it difficult NOT to reply ferociously to all the mundanity and repetition and just plain wasting of precious human resources that is taking place not just on Facebook but on all of social media. The badguys have gotten our psyche' down to a science - literally and know that if they create nine thousand different ways for you to take a picture of yourself or your cat and post it on line, you will use them eighteen thousand ways. It's diabolical. Let's face it, if you strip away the legitimate reasons to use social media, business networking, special interests and hobbies, what you have left is mass self-absorption. Massive importance of self over content of character. Massive importance on the perception you give to all your online followers of the life you live, no matter how far from the truth it really is. Massive importance on your insecurities as they manifest themselves in the same ways over and over. You know those 'manic-posters' that make you live their lives, their pain through their posts of their own thoughts or mainly someone else's post giving them justification based on wholly different circumstances, usually at our own hands. lol .....when you have to wear your life and your mistakes on your Facebook sleeve, and you do this over and over, and all your friends and family and acquaintances know this about you...they are gonna avoid you like the plague at some point or if they actually try to counsel them, they will most surely will get blocked.

There seems to be no 'phase 2' of Disclosure. There's gonna have to be a BIG event to get peoples consciousness shifted from 21st century cat boxes to 21st century horrors like Human Trafficking and Global Pedophile rings. My fellow ISBE's these are the things we need to start using our social media accounts for. If we spent as much time posting an re-posting these stories as they appear, and some of them are REAL!! Not FAKENEWS like they will be portrayed.