More than meets the eyes?


The sunsets are different every night. It is very peaceful here. I had very little issue with brightness and did not feel the need to 'hold my eyelids open' like I did this morning. I think there must be a difference in the timing - I must endeavor to do the sun gazing as close to when the sun is going to set for me where I am at and not so much the schedule - on line...

Here is a nearby mountain ridge to my right.

This is further to the right away from the sunset horizon...of course there's human trash....ugh...but for the most part it is pretty clean. I have seen a wild hare - very long ears, several road runners, and a skinny coyote. Not much more than ants after that, and from what I have observed, this whole place surrounding is one giant ant bed. There is not one segment of this portion of the desert that there are not ants doing their 'ant thing'....they have been busy and persistent...not unlike another infestation I know of... :c)

...and of course I shall not be de-feeted - ugh - I begin 2 minutes 40 seconds tomorrow morning. Yummy. I will be hungry then.

SungazingCosmic Guy