Open letter to the "mainstream press"....

We have all heard the story of the young idealistic lad or ladette fresh out of college with that degree in journalism or politics and they are bound and determined to change "the way things are." To right the wrongs against humanity by the big, the bad, the powerful, wait, I think I just invented a reality show...but I digress - ...and I find it interesting that there are two times in our lives where our innocence is lost, the first of course after we are born and told we can be anything we want to be. The second is when we first venture on our own either after high school or college or under less than stellar circumstances, being on our own for that first time is a real eye-opener and a wallet/pocketbook empty-er. I was on my own at 18 and learned to cook pretty quickly when I realized how many permission slips, er money I was going through at various fast food eateries. There are many more realities that hit us if we are a young professional 'something' ready to take on the world and truly 'make a difference'. Then the obvious happens..."wake up call of life"...The truth of this world and how it plays by its own set of rules and you are NOT going to change those rules no matter what you do, because if you REALLY try to effect change your life is not going to end well. That is a Cosmic Guy truth of this existence because of the cabal, the badguys as I like to call them, and their strangulating hold on humankind. Everything is pre-planned, all vocations involving thought and reason are controlled at the educational level in hopes to turn out just the 'right candidate' - but the badguys do also have a plan for the idealistic, the rogue 'real human' who took one look around this place and said to themselves, "This world is seriously f*cked up!" This plan involves watching a round peg try to fit in square holes their whole lifetime, or worse become social hermits and stop trying to fit in entirely. Let's cut to the chase. If you went to school to be educated as a journalist, and you really want to effect change, then you already know or should be made aware of the fact that you are simply not going to ever be given that opportunity from any of the employers in the mainstream media machine. If you are a political science major and expect that when you have your first successful election under your belt that the cesspool that is unWashington is gonna welcome you and all your great ideas into the fold and all will be well with humanity. Wrong. there are two fundamental systems on this planet that have been used to govern us, and neither has worked. Each has produced its own share of bloodshed. Each has produced its share of martyrs protesting against their existence. Each has squeezed out oceans of trails of tears from humankind all in an effort to do one thing. Control us.

Politics & Religion.

Why is this an open letter to the mainstream press? Well, it is not. I used that title to entice the viewer to read. Old cabal media trick. Bait and Switch. It is an open letter to you my hopefully new ISBE friend. I can not imagine a circumstance wherein an individual from the 'mainstream press' would ever have occasion to find this web site, for finding it pre-supposes that person is either looking for something as a random special interest, or because he or she too wants out of the matrix, if the latter be true, we welcome you here too, (if not then re-read joke pic above). This letter is really to 'you' because I do not know you. I do not know if you are young or old or black or white or rich or poor. Sure I could run some analytics and learn a few things about each of you but the info is still kind of random unless I am willing to pay a lot of money for that information, but I digress, fo that is subject matter for my show, Disclosure in the Desert airing every night here on OSTO.SPACE. :)

I am reaching out to you because maybe you are about to go into college or just coming out looking for a 'career' - just doing what is expected of you, or maybe you're like that person in the above paragraph who wants change, think you can effect change, but maybe you're starting to see that things are not really set up to actually be fixed.  BINGO!


Politics & Religion

These two concepts were never made to be perfected, like an automobile or a cell phone or the souffle. Politics and Religion were conceived by some very bad individuals that are so intimately familiar with our psyche, with our inner selves that they also know of that "itch we can not scratch"...and have been manipulating that itch to enslave us as human beings for eons. I use the term 'eons' to describe a time period that I believe no one truly knows the span of. The Global Disclosure Initiative needs you, your talents your visions for the future that does not include politics or religion(organized) I am not here to tell you you must rid yourself of your religious beliefs, no I simply speak of the institutions of religion and politics as well. We as humans seem to want two things we can not have. A perfect societal systems with no violence, no one in need, no one desirous of inflicting harm on one another. The truth of this 21st century, of any century. The truth is here on OSTO.SPACE, but it is all over now. You just need to look for it. When you find it we will be waiting. We need field investigators, contributing writers, people who love to seek out, collect and vett INTEL on the Global Disclosure Initiative. We need street teams to promote OSTO.SPACE 'philosophy' of truth=change / love and forgiveness are real answers to life's big question. There is strength in numbers and if we are truly going to effect change, a real one, we all must recognize the problem together, and then ascend with our love and light together. In Between those times, there is much work to do. IF you have a skill, you have a place in the Disclosure movement, if you don't have a skill, then get one! It's still personal responsibility and don't ever forget that. (oops back to contractions)