2:10 to DHS

Good morning, well to me anyway, I doubt anyone is up this early on a Sunday unless you have to be. :c) I was up an hour earlier than the 6:25am I waited to sun gaze for 2 minutes and 10 seconds. Still a squinty experience, but I just wanted to give note here that I tried a quick experiment at noon yesterday, considered the worst time to stare into the sun, and I can tell you there is an extreme difference in the intensity of light/brightness. That is how I can continue to believe in and accept the eventual outcome of this practice. I will engorge the other 75 percent of the brain in this B.C.S. (Biological Computer Suit) this I.S.B.E. (Immortal Spiritual Being) named Guy Eugene Partin is occupying at this juncture in time/space with the energy of the Sun and begin to perhaps understand the mysteries of this 21st century, and you can count on me sharing every moment of inner and outer discovery with you. :c) It's what your Cosmic Guy does.

SungazingCosmic Guy