2 Minutes of Bliss.

Ths sun looked different during this evenings sun gazing opportunity. At times, it was effortless to stare and it looked almost like I was seeing a couple of suns all globed around one another almost like what you see when you are looking at a close up of the sun as it is boiling and blowing up and doing its sun thing. Like a globular cluster of suns. I found myself slightly annoyed that my 2 minutes was up. Well tomorrow I get to add ten seconds to that. :)

Oh, and for those of you into this sort of thing...here's a pic of my feet in the sand as you are supposed to do. The 7 color bands of energy that enter your body through your eyes work through your body and connect with the Mother Earth to complete the cycle of energy. You will benefit from this free and utterly safe practice. What you get in return can not be explained here in words. :)

SungazingCosmic Guy